DEll Keyboard-are they differnt from generric

  jack 12:06 19 Jul 2010

One of my flock complained that generic replacement keyboards for his 'Vista Dell desktop would not function.
It seems that the original keyboard had a dud letter [K]- This model is an all UJSB machine [no PS2]- so he purchased replacement board and although the computer came up - new hardware- it did not actually function- so he went and purchased another, this one with an installation disk[presumably for extra buttons]
Once more the machine acknowledged new hardware- but the board does not function
He is to E-mail me with full detail of machine model and details of the replacement boards.
Meanwhile any early thoughts please

  wiz-king 12:35 19 Jul 2010

I have about 20 Dell desktops and use all sorts of keyboards some USB and some PS2, never had that problem. I have had trouble with some old Win98 HP ones that would not work with USB though.

  onthelimit 13:33 19 Jul 2010

Wonder if there's a problem with the USB ports - other stuff working OK?

  jack 14:16 19 Jul 2010

When I was asked by the machine owner- I thought a keyboard is a keyboard is a keyboard, cant visualize exactly what is amiss here- as exemplified by Whiz King[20 plus Dells]

Well you have a point onthelimit- is USB OK?
Still waiting for his E-mail so we shall see.

  jack 16:35 19 Jul 2010

and keyboards as follows
The Computer is a Dell Inspiron 530.

The offending Keyboard is a Cherry Model No. G230.

The new substitute Keyboard is a Sweex PS/2 with disc. I have tried using the disc but get no response.

The other Keyboard,which is not new and does not have a disc also gives no response. This Keyboard is a Logitech Office Internet Model This one also has a PS/2 plug and is connected like the other one via a UBS adaptor.

  T0SH 16:55 19 Jul 2010

There are different USB adaptors for mice and keyboards most are marked with icons looking like a mouse or a keyboard but some have just the letter M or K they are not interchangeable

I have in the past tried to use older PS2 keyboards with the correct USB adaptor mostly they work fine but a few have stubournly refused to work with the usb adaptor at all though they work fine on PS2

USB Keyboards are ridiculously cheap to buy provided you stay away from the big brand name ones

The last time I looked at some in Tescos at least one half way decent looking one cost less than a fiver

Cheers HC

  BT 17:04 19 Jul 2010

Tescos Keyboards

I bought one of their cheap (£4.99)ones and it was OK but the response from some of the keys was a bit erratic and needed quite a firm press to register, resulting in some unusual spelling at times. Having said that it may have been a one off as their optical mouse(s) are perfectly OK.

I too have had problems trying to use the USB adaptors supplied, most of which won't work.

  jack 20:30 19 Jul 2010

Reports that bost adapters are mauve - which confirms that they are Keyboard of the tpye.

So what where do we go from here?

  jack 09:09 20 Jul 2010

This inidividual is coming through with a clearer picture of what is/not happening
I am clicking this as done and starting over with version #2

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