Dell Inspiron Zino HD computer disaster

  Splodge 20:15 30 Aug 2010

Well, I hope this problem is not a step too far!
I have had rgis Windows7 unit for about 6 months. I had thought I was covered for 12 months but Dell told me NOT for software problems. £50 for a single problem.
Briefly I used Driver Genius to download updates, among them USB updates. I downloaded and installed and oh oh, my computer would not work, stuck on one screen. The time reverted to zero and my mouse and keyboard would not work because they are wireless and there are no ports for wired keyboards although there is for mouse.
I spent 2 hours on the phone 0844 number and finally, have been led through a number of procedures testing hardware.
Finally, I was told it was a software problem and I was not covered. I was told it would cost me nearly a hundred pounds for that support which, frankly I can barely afford as an 80 year old but was told it would cost £50 for a single consultation. (Personally I do not think they would have been able to correct it)! The other chap tried before giving up
Now, I have an external drive backup and if I could re-install the Windows 7 the problem is solved.
I can put the OS into the drive but nothing happens!
I would rather use the money to buy a 500Gb internal e-Sata drive to replace the 1 tb drive and start again but I have no idea of the method of opening it up. I can take the lid off then ....
Help or advice please, I accept it was my error to download the drivers but ..

  MAT ALAN 20:52 30 Aug 2010

I accept it was my error to download the drivers but..
No buts really, useing a third party prog to download updates is catalogue for disaster, HMMM!!
you already know that, so no more silly progs when you are back up and running.
You have a "back up" which is the first good point, SO, do you have a recovery disc if you do use that...
click here

the link should help...

  Woolwell 20:55 30 Aug 2010

If your data is backed up then I would consider a restore to factory conditions probably using this method click here.

The only time I update drivers is if I have a problem otherwise if it ain't broke, etc.

  MAJ 21:14 30 Aug 2010

I'm sorry to hear of your problems and Dell is correct, they don't cover software problems, which your's seem to be from what you have told us. It's also a timely reminder for others. If your computer is working okay, don't use software like Driver Genius, dump it. If drivers are needed go to the manufacturer's website and download it, don't update drivers just for the sake of it, only update the drivers of the hardware you are having problems with.

It's uncertain, from your post, as to whether they are going to charge you or not for what they have done so far, maybe you could clarify that point. Personally I wouldn't pay, for the reason that they didn't warn you in advance that they would (or did they?) I hope they don't have your bank or credit card details?

"Now, I have an external drive backup and if I could re-install the Windows 7 the problem is solved.
I can put the OS into the drive but nothing happens!"

A reinstallation would probably fix the problem, so what type of 'backup' do you have, or do you have the Windows 7 installation disk?

If you can get into the BIOS at startup, look for the option to reset the BIOS to default settings, that might allow you to get a little further in the boot process. While the computer is booting, keep tapping the F8 key which should bring up the advanced boot menu. If you see that menu, try choosing the option to load the 'Last Known Good Configuration'. It might allow you to boot into Windows.

  MAJ 21:16 30 Aug 2010

Sorry, guys, you're way faster than me.

  lotvic 00:12 31 Aug 2010

Dell Inspirons, Studios, and XPS Systems use DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 as the PC Restore/Factory Image Restore option as of April 22, 2009

so use Woolwell's link click here

  lotvic 00:13 31 Aug 2010

oops, continued,

....if that is the one you have

  Splodge 08:46 31 Aug 2010

First, thank you all for your input.

In no particular order,

Thanks to my old Vaio Sony, and XP which gives me the ability to get on-line. I tried to sell it after the purchase of the Dell, it now gets tucked away and possibly buried with me... who knows I might get a connection point down there!

Second, I know I took risks but, sorry it is in the genes... I was in Hong Kong in 1947 before my 17th birthday and spent a lot of my life roaming the world.

As I noted in my post, my keyboard and mouse are wireless and connected via the USB ports, however I can connect a wired mouse and I believe I have discovered a "self-error" withe the use of the keyboard during the telephone marathon. I have corrected that!

The Dell operative Did guide me into the F12 process but did NOT tell me to put in my installation disk! Aha!

I will try that route later when I recover from yesterday. I had a nose bleed during the night ... my first ever!

So thanks all, as usual your advice has been super and I will keep you all informed, hopefully during the week and from the Dell.

One last thing, I often find the Windows 7 layout a bit irritating but coming back to the Sony XP I find THAT clunky and slow even though I have 4Gb of RAM (against 6GB of the Dell)!

  Splodge 12:47 31 Aug 2010

I had a thought which might be an easy way out!

Can I connect my Dell to my Sony so that when I switch both on, the Dell acts as the back-up.

I could then format the Dell and start again?

Any suggestions. please, would be welcome!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:11 31 Aug 2010

1. Does the keyboard work before windows starts to load?

2. Do you have a windows 7 DVD?

  Splodge 17:11 31 Aug 2010


I just typed a hundred pages in reply then stupidly, somehow logged off!

So, the keyboard does not work before windows starts to load, I think! The mouse does.

I do have Dell's original Windows 7 disk.

To cut the long story short, I am grateful for all the help because it led me to another possible solution.

To use the XP computer and go to disk management and treat the Dell like any other secondary drive.
I should then be able to format it and then reinstall the Windows 7 before replacing it with the back-up. Simples... I hope! But I lack a USB to USB lead and I will go to Maplins when I recover from my weekly shopping for 2!

I did spend a long time with other suggested attempts but the screen had frozen. All the other tactics failed because the mouse worked and the keyboard, which I am currently using on this XP didn't.
The suggested F2 and F12 was not a solution.

However, if you have another possible solution involving the keyboard I will try it!

Isn't this fun really, what would we do if we didn't have these challenges, get, probably, FAT!

I must have lost half a stone over yesterday's efforts.

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