Dell Inspiron XPS 2 - Can't access PC Restore

  whisked 10:48 21 Nov 2005

According to Dells website, if you want to do a PC restore,you need to press Control and F11 when the Dell logo appears. Does anyone know if this is the same for their laptops as i have tried it numerous times, but nothing happens and the login just continues as normal.

Thanks for any feedback.

  BurrWalnut 14:16 21 Nov 2005

As soon as you switch on hold down Ctrl and tap F11.

Presumably you realise that this will set the PC back to factory setting, i.e. you will lose everything added since you bought it.

  whisked 14:42 21 Nov 2005

Yes, i fully understand that. Right now that's all i want from my laptop but as i said when i press control and f11 nothing happens! :(

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