Dell Inspiron Screen Problems

  Scorpion Bay 16:23 15 Aug 2009

A very close friend has a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, which is only four months old. Every time she turns it on without the AC adaptor connected, the screen works fine. However, every time the power supply is plugged in and booted up, the screen is extremely dark and we cannot see anything that is on the screen. I did wonder if she'd managed to do something to the power sttins somehow, but I can't see anything that jumps out at me. Does anyone know what could be the cause of this?

  retep888 16:56 15 Aug 2009

During boot up,press F2 to go to bios setup page.

Navigate to power management page(you might have to press alt+P),underneath you should see brightness adjustment for both Battery & AC.

Use the left & right arrow key to adjust values,the more bars in the bracket the brighter and vise versa).

  Scorpion Bay 17:24 15 Aug 2009

There doesn't seem to be an option for that in the bios menu. The only option under 'power management' is called 'USB Wake Support'.

  retep888 17:33 15 Aug 2009

Press the function button on the bottom right.

Then use the up and down keys to get to brightness.

Then click function when your on brightness then adjust with up and down keys again.

  Scorpion Bay 22:48 17 Aug 2009

Do you mean the Fn button on the keyboard, or is there a function button in the BIOS menu? If it's the Fn button, that still has no effect...even if it does, the screen is as near as makes no difference totally black, so you wouldn't see it. Is it possible for the adapter to be providing TOO MUCH power to the screen, almost causng it to short out, so to speak? I wouldn't have thought so, as it works fine until the log on sreen.

  retep888 11:36 18 Aug 2009

In that case and if the laptop is only 4 months old then you should give Dell a call.

08443381000 a local rated number and have the TAG number ready which you can find underneath the laptop.

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