Dell Inspiron Cd Drive install

  norman.hamilton.50 13:41 30 Jun 2006

Have 4 year old Dell Inspiron with XP home
CD drive harldy ever works n- though it spins, but doesn't read very often.

Bought new CD drive - Samsung 24E Model SN - 124 .. exactly the same as the original

Can't get the laptop to recognise that there is even this new CD drive installed. Won't even open to insert CD!

Wisdom welcome!


  rmcqua 13:44 30 Jun 2006

Sounds like a m/board problem, which is bad news in a laptop.

  Ikelos 14:01 30 Jun 2006

just out of interest, when i fitted a new HDD in my inspiron could not get that to work, emailed seagate and half an hour later they replied, I had not prised the pin terminal off the end and fitted it to the new one..done that, and it was up and running............

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:00 30 Jun 2006

1. is the drive in a bay? Can ryou remove and refit it?

2. in device manager select scondary Ide channel (the one the drive is connected to and uninstall it then reboot the machine. let xp find new hardware and reinstall it.

  norman.hamilton.50 21:13 01 Jul 2006

There is something really odd going on! I inserted the original faulty CD drive again - and it worked perfectly - but just once! It is only recognised very occasionally - and usually does not show up on 'my computer'- though it spins briefly each time it is inserted!

The new one doesn't show up at all - or appear to exist when inseerted..

More wisdom please!

Thanks to yu all who have tried to help - greatly appreciated!

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