Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop

  Chas49 20:16 07 Mar 2009

My cousin bought this laptop second hand - somehow he 'caught a cold' with it - it would run - but so slowly and not always obeying the keyboard - he brought it to me to fix.

I found that it had McAfee Security and Norton Ghost installed - both of which had expired - so, knowing his kids habit of surf dangerous sites I reckon he had quite a few viruses aboard.

Fortunately I have been able to reinstall his operating system (via Cntl/F11) so the machine is healthy again (and a good machine it is!). One problem however has arisen, the left 'mouse' button does not work - probably didn't before the reinstall process - but I'm not sure.

Is there a chance that this could have resulted from that reinstall. I think not, it's just broken - but what do you think - is this a machine weak spot? Meanwhile, as a wireless mouse works OK I shall advise him to get one.

  MAT ALAN 20:19 07 Mar 2009

the left 'mouse' button does not work

I think what you think it just busted, sometimes you can look for faults that are not really there, if a wireless mouse works you have sorta answered your own question...

  Chas49 21:42 07 Mar 2009

As I thought - I know that I haven't done anything likely to physically damage the button - so it must have been broken already - possibly one of the reasons the previous seller got rid of it. But, as I said, the laptop works very well now - as long as a mouse is used, wireless or not. I have since read a review on this laptop, two years old and in PC Pro - the reviewer comments on the flimsy 'mouse' buttons but the rest of the review was favourable

Thanks Mat.

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