dell inspiron 6400 internet connection without cab

  User-F5BFC65D-3AD1-4F66-967B2E00D9F11A85 21:27 07 Oct 2006

my son receved new laptop today .thought it could be connected to internet without cable . have broadband on desktop and understand about router to network but can laptop be connected and pick up broadband at home without router or networking and if so how? help please.

  STREETWORK 21:45 07 Oct 2006

What model of laptop and is the router a wireless one...

  Ashrich 21:49 07 Oct 2006

Only if you have either a wireless modem router or a cable router that you could add a wireless access point to . Of course all this about the wireless stuff is providing the laptop has wireless built in or you buy a wireless PCMCIA card to go with it .


  ed-0 21:50 07 Oct 2006

dell inspiron 6400

Could be that?

  ed-0 21:59 07 Oct 2006

" but can laptop be connected and pick up broadband at home without router or networking and if so how? "

You could plug the modem into the laptop, but you would only be able to use one at a time.

You could use a CAT 5 crossover cable. This would fit into the ethernet slot of both computers ( if they have them ). You could then share the internet to both machines at once. Of course the main machine would need to be switched on to the internet for the laptop to work.

The Dell does come with WiFi. You could use a WiFi router, it would be easier and the laptop would be very mobile.

thanks folks.

  Dizzy Bob 23:34 07 Oct 2006

Are widely available online, or in stores like PC World or Comet.

If you are on Cable, you will need a router, if you get your broadband through the telephone line you will need a modem/router.

Speeds and range of routers vary, and obviously faster/longer range are more expensive.

If you are not that confident at setting up a wireless network, i would personally recommend Belkin or Lynksys as both have free telephone support.

If the laptop is wi-fi enabled you will only need the router, if not you can pick up a bundle pack with a router, and an adaptor for the laptop.

click here

for a starting point.


  ed-0 03:03 08 Oct 2006

" It would be nit-picking to criticise Dell for not including a hardware switch to activate the wireless, especially as Fn+F2 works just as well. As with all new Centrino Duo notebooks, it includes an 802.11a/b/g adaptor, while Bluetooth is a welcome bonus. Just note, the one-year collect-and-return warranty will leave you to pick up carriage and repair costs from the second year onwards. "

From click here

"Wireless Connectivity Solutions: Integrated Dual-Band (802.11 a/b) antenna. Integrated DellTM Wireless 1390 (802.11b/g) or Intel® Pro/Wireless 3945 (802.11a/b/g) network connections. "

click here

Like I said above

the dell does come with WiFi.

So you just need a WiFi router and that depends on what type of broadband you have.

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