Dell Inspiron 2500 Laptop and graphics problems

  Giggle n' Bits 12:41 27 Mar 2004

Hello, I am trying to help a frend out with a problem on her laptop. Its a bit difficult to explain so I will totally understand if no one could help sort it.

The Problem/s all seem to relate to display.

The laptop runs Me, on the bottom tool bar the icons that usually show channels, Outlook, Ie little icons have pratically vanished apart from the Ie little icon that is ghosted and very faint/distorted icon.

The menus starting from Start-Programmes etc, for each item in the menues the icons next to the lines which identify each thing in the list again has either vanaished or looking like a corrupt icon/faint/distorted.

If your right click, and select properties things like background pics for the Me desktop pics are just white and blank in the preview box.

The appearence box seems ok and I have set that to be windows defualt but no change.

When viewing the internet pages the background colours are just white. eg, when you do a download you usually get a progress bar so this daft laptop shows the download as a outline box with no colour fill.

imagine Freeserve home page the baground is maninly Blue, but this is white and just the text on a white background.

Is this a totally goosed laptop, anyone know if its a simple setting. Help please, would be very greatfull.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:37 27 Mar 2004

Seems no one has a more sensible suggestion, here's my thoughs...

Go to the device manager and see what is listed for the video / display adaptor. It may be possible to remove it, reboot and see if it is picked up.

Get the drivers from the Dell site, or from the CD if they are there.

As WinME has system restore, see if it is possible to go back to an earlier date.

  Giggle n' Bits 16:16 27 Mar 2004

I have tried, Reinstalling from the Dell Driver CD tha VGA driver, The Monitor in device manager for this laptop which is a TFT screen as usuall shows as a plug n play and there is no colour profile for it or no drivers.
I have also tried System restore which had no effect, Reinstall Ie, DirectX, Virus Scanned and still no improvement.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:25 27 Mar 2004

If nothing else is suggested, I would suggest a backup of all data and reinstall from scratch; that way you will know if it is a hardware or software fault.

Sorry I can't suggest anything better.

  woodchip 16:28 27 Mar 2004

One hear that may work it's for a Dell Dimension XPS D333 Video Driver driver click here

  woodchip 16:34 27 Mar 2004

Check this out for info and loading drivers click here

  Giggle n' Bits 20:41 27 Mar 2004

the menus but its just the internet web pages that show strange. Eg the Freeserve web page has a lot of Blue as the baground page colour so imagine the blue been white and just text and outlined boxes.

I have noticed and don't know how on earth she has done this or its got to this state but Outlook Express is v6 and internet Explorer is v5.5 and in the version info for internet explorer it showing as a customed version of internet explorer.

I did install Ie6 but this made no change. So I reverted back.

When I did download Ie6 there was a prompt on every reboot saying "Web page Aurthoring" has not been installed do you wish to instaal this. So I did reinstall Ie6 but no change and same error.

So wonder what web page aurthoring is ?
also, thanks woodchip but I have the Dell System Driver CD and it is correct and have installed the vga driver (Intel 815) monitor shows in device manager and there is no colour profile loaded for the screen wondering if this is a problem.

  woodchip 20:52 27 Mar 2004

For colour you can add one from the C:\Windows\System\colour folder right click on files in the folder and it should say which are for your display

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