Dell Inspiron 1545 Vs Acer Aspire 5551 ??????

  amyh 11:09 19 Aug 2010

I am looking to get a laptop for university and have narrowed it down to either a dell or a acer.

click here

click here

The Dell is cheaper and faster (i think)but doesn't come with any software installed, but i'd have to install software anyway, as with a laptop you only get given a trial version.

So basically, i need advice from someone who could look at the specs for each and suggest which one would be better please..


  northumbria61 13:15 19 Aug 2010

The DELL is slightly faster (Processor) but has only 3GB of Ram (Acer has 4GB) Dell also lists the O.S. as Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit - the Acer doesn't say whether 32bit or 64bit. The Acer has a 500GB hard drive if storage is what you need (double that of the Dell) Both appear to have 3hrs battery life. The rest appears much the same.

John Lewis nearly always extend the Warranty to 2 years as they have done here.

I am a big fan of Acer (we have 3 in the family) and my son has recently bought this one for University - ACER 5732Z which is an excellent specification for less money (a saving for you students) click here
The only thing it lacks is a built-in Webcam but external webcams are cheap enough to buy (don't know why Acer didn't include one) This one has Windows Home Premium 64bit installed.

Something for you to think about.

Another good site to look at for Students if you are not already aware of it - click here
BIG savings to be had here.

  northumbria61 13:21 19 Aug 2010

** Beware if you are looking at the Acer 5732Z that although the same laptop can be found cheaper the specifications do differ - ie. smaller hard drive usually - some have 250GB - some have 32OGB - and less RAM (3GB) **

  amyh 13:46 19 Aug 2010

That info did help alot thank you.

I'd be using my laptop for music, essays, internet and perhaps watch an occasional DVD on it, so would i need the 4GB and the big hard drive of the acer? I thought those bigger rams and hard drives were for gamers?

Also, if i bought the dell, because it doesn't have any trial versions of office home and student, or norton, could i install those softwares onto the dell easily?

  northumbria61 22:00 19 Aug 2010

The 4GB of RAM makes things run smooother - it is not only "just for gamers".

The bigger hard drive means you can store more on it - it all depends on how many documents, pictures, music files you have/or will have once you start using it. 500GB is getting towards the "norm" these days.

If you bought the DELL, yes you would be able to load any software on to it just like any other laptop/PC.

It is a matter of personal choice (and depending on what you want to spend) I am not a fan of DELL but many people are.

  amyh 22:06 19 Aug 2010

I think it will be the Acer from John Lewis, because thanks to that software for students i can afford to get a better laptop and the software i want :)


  amyh 22:10 19 Aug 2010

And one last question as you have been quite a good helper lol, i think i shall get kaspersky anti virus, but is this software any good?

  northumbria61 22:11 19 Aug 2010

The LINK I gave you to "software4students" has Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus which is a much better buy than MS Office Home & Student.

It contains everything in one package and is currently on special offer at £38.95. It is available for immediate download or to order via CD. It can be used on 2 computers.

I purchased MS Office Enterprise 2007 which contained 10 programs and it was an excellent buy.

More for you to think about.

  amyh 22:13 19 Aug 2010

Oh yes that's what i meant, i am getting that Professional Plus, as it has a lot more for the money, great deal! But that doesn't have anti virus does it?

  northumbria61 22:17 19 Aug 2010

"i think i shall get kaspersky anti virus, but is this software any good?"

I have never used Kapersky so I can't comment on it but I know it is among the top Anti Virus programs and gets good reviews.

I am pleased to hear you are thinking of going for the ACER.

Best of luck for University life. My son is about to start his 2nd year and enjoying it (the social life that is !!)

  northumbria61 22:20 19 Aug 2010

No, MS Pro Plus doesn't have and isn't an Anti Virus program.

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