Dell Inspiron 1501 problem

  Kaacee 21:33 20 May 2008

My granddaughter has the above machine with XP installed, tonite without any warning when she powered it up the screen showed the top left hand side in windows blue the welcome screen, the bottom left hand was white, the right hand side all grey except for a small portion near the bottom which was windows welcome page blue , the pointer will only show on the blue bits and appears to dis appear under the other parts.

I cannot do anything because when i tried it in safe mode only a part of the black screen was visible.

Very weird but can anyone suggest what it might be, my own guess (and it is a guess) is maybe a hard disk failure.

Any help would be appreciated

  MAT ALAN 21:57 20 May 2008

How many bios beeps on start up (none) would suggest HDD failure....

could also be memory or simply your monitor is busted...

  skidzy 21:58 20 May 2008

Assuming its a laptop (not researched this),underneath the laptop look for a single screw holding a small flap,this will be the ram....check this clipped securely.

A sudden jolt on the machine may have loosened the ram modules.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:01 20 May 2008

Sounds more like screen or graphics card failure.
1. Turn off the computer,
2. Take the battery out
3. Take out the power supply
4. Push the power button down for 30 seconds.
5. Reconnect power supply
6. Then the battery.

This will get rid of static buildup on the motherboard.

retry and see what happens.

  Ashrich 22:03 20 May 2008

I would guess either the cable from the graphics to the screen is loose , or it may be the screen itself is damaged , hard drive failure would result in no boot at all . Was the part of the black screen that was visible in safe mode compatible with what was visible at the welcome screen ?


  woodchip 22:03 20 May 2008

My guess is a Duff Graphics card

  skidzy 22:06 20 May 2008

Dosn't the 1501 have onboard graphics ? though i guess this could fail also.

  T0SH 22:16 20 May 2008

If the Dell splash screen displays ok try pressing F2 to enter bios setup, if the display is working ok in both these areas then reboot and this time try to get to the safe mode menu usually by tapping on F8 but Dell may do it differently when you get there select the option for "VGA Mode" and let it boot up, once at the desktop two choices either you can re-set the screen resolution to 1280x800 as it should be by default, or use system restore to go back to a day when it worked ok

Cheers HC

  Kaacee 22:17 20 May 2008

MAT ALAN: No beeps at start up, but to be honest i don't recall hearing a beep on this laptop whereas on my desktop i do....

Skidzy: Yes it is a laptop but can't see small flap ...not sure about onboard graphics

Fruit Bat: Tried joy still the same

Ashrich: It appears to be booting up because i can see a small portion of the desktop and the icons at the bottom right of screen (near the clock)

Woodchip: Could well be

  Kaacee 22:20 20 May 2008

Tosh: I'm afraid i cannot get to see any screen as such, have tried to get to safe mode , it gets there but can only see very small portion of the screen so cannot do anything in there

  skidzy 22:28 20 May 2008

what happens when you hold CTRL + F11 on startup,normally you have to wait for the dell logo but as you cannot see may take a few attempts.

If this works,you will be in a recovery/restore partition that may offer you a repair option...this assuming its not a hardware issue.

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