Dell Image Expert. Error Opening Database: 3204

  Bierman9 14:02 17 Dec 2008

I have a Dell Dimension 8250, running Windows XP Home. I have successfully used Dell Image Expert for some time. Recently I get the error message "Error Opening Database: 3204" when trying to open Dell Image Expert.... Any thoughts?


  Bierman9 20:53 29 Dec 2008

Oh well....

  brundle 20:57 29 Dec 2008

Remove and re-install; click here

  brundle 21:03 29 Dec 2008

Sorry, I thought there was a download link there. Only helps if you have the CD, and I can't find it anywhere else...

  Bierman9 21:10 29 Dec 2008

I have removed and re-installed from the CD... error is STILL there! Argh!!


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