Dell E196FP Flat Panel 19" Monitor

  tonyx1302 19:38 31 Dec 2009

I have just acquired a second hand monitor as above which doesn't have speakers included. I am given to understand that Dell do a 'sound bar' which attaches to the bottom of the monitor.

I have spent hours via Google/Dell forums etc trying to find out if there is one to fit this particular monitor but cannot find out.There are many available for all over Dell monitors

Does any member have this monitor and if so,is there a compatible or Dell sound bar available please. Its an the oldish E196FP one I have
Thank you


P.S.A peaceful and healthy New Year to all members

  Sea Urchin 22:29 31 Dec 2009

Half way down this page (Monitor back view) it shows No 1 to be the mounting brackets for the Dell sound bar, so there must be one available:

click here

After a certain amount of research and a few dead ends I have established that the Dell Sound Bar AX510 is compatible with the E196FP monitor.

PS I should try to confirm that at the point of buying one, although I did check it from 2 or 3 sources.

  tonyx1302 10:52 01 Jan 2010

Thank you Sea Urchin for your help. It seems the AX510 could do the job but I cannot find anywhere to confirm it. I have tried to contact Dell via emails without success and trying to find a help line to them direct seems impossible.

At present I have two external speakers fitted but trying to save on desk space thought an attached sound bar would do the job.

My wife enjoys listening to radio 4 on the Internet while catching up with the ironing and as I have no hearing at all, so top quality CD performance sound is not high on the agenda and I am loathed to spend some of our meagre pension on something that make not work.
Thanks again Sea Urchin for helping


  wjrt 20:53 01 Jan 2010

click here

according to this the AX510 is not conpatible with your monitor maybe they can suggest something suitable

  wjrt 20:57 01 Jan 2010

better link
click here

  tonyx1302 21:33 01 Jan 2010

Thanks wjrt. That's the message I'm getting after extensive checking out. The the AX510 does not seem compatible with the Dell E196FP.

I am still trying to find a tele. number for Dell UK. One that has a help line without having to register and have a job/report prefix or buy something first !


  Sea Urchin 00:23 02 Jan 2010

OK - it seems to be the AS501PA is your best bet (but not the AS501 - must be with the PA). Scroll to the bottom on this site:

click here

And this from a retailer selling on eBay

*** If you have a Dell E152FP, E153FP, E172FP, E173FP, E176FP, E193FP or E196FP Flat Panel Monitor, you will need speaker sound bar model (AS500PA , AS501PA, or AX510PA ) --

And another which confirms:

click here

  tonyx1302 09:14 02 Jan 2010

Thank you once again Sea Urchin and noticing the time of your response. Don't you ever sleep ??

I have now emailed a few sites/sellers inquiring the availability of the bars you mention and await their replies.

As you say, the important part number seems to be the PA letters at the end.

I will keep this thread open so I can let you know the out come when I get feed back from my emails.
Thanks Sea Urchin and have a lazy morning... after burning midnight candle !!


  tonyx1302 21:04 05 Jan 2010

Just to give an update before a resolved tick . I brought a AX510PA space bar from for my above Dell monitor and it does the job very well.
Many thanks Sea Urchin for your help


  Sea Urchin 22:05 05 Jan 2010

Delighted to hear of the satisfactory outcome. Dell certainly don't make it easy to establish just what goes with what - so I guess we've all learnt from your experience.

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