Dell, DVD playback after windows reinstall!

  PC840 19:51 07 Jun 2015

After a clean install, win 7, my DVD will only playback certain DVDs. After some research it would seem to be a registry problem, where I have to make some alterations. I think it's a bit too geeky for me, any suggestions welcome!


  lotvic 00:28 08 Jun 2015

I use the free VLC player, it has all it's own Codecs and can play anything I chuck at it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:27 08 Jun 2015

After a clean install

as with lotvic use VLC or you need to reload a codec pack (Klite)

  john bunyan 09:58 08 Jun 2015

Agree again with Lotvic, use VLC. My laptop had Nero preinstalled - now out of date and no disk as it was loaded by Toshiba.

  PC840 10:36 08 Jun 2015

Thanks to all about VLC, did that, just the same! I ran the DELL program that checks everything except the DVD with a disc in and it "PASSED". There are dubious looking programmes on the net that claim they alter the regristry, could be last chance!

  lotvic 20:10 08 Jun 2015

After some research it would seem to be a registry problem

Please say what research you did and why you seem to think a registry edit will solve it. I hope you haven't found a scamware program that claims to fix the registry (these cause more problems instead of solving the original one).

  PC840 23:40 08 Jun 2015

'why you seem to think a registry edit will solve it.'

Resolution 3

click here the same ball park, but further investigations show the same fault as mind. Sorry it's too late and I've had it, to expand any further, ZZZZZ.....


  john bunyan 08:02 09 Jun 2015

See my thread here Other thread

I had the same problem after a clean reinstall. It was because , on a Toshiba, the Nero package came with the PC and the clean reinstall wiped all programmes. See my reply of 3 June to see the programmes I had to reinstall. I did have difficulties with the DVD until VLC was successful - I tried the registry fix but that did not work. Good luck.

1]: [click here

  PC840 16:15 09 Jun 2015

In other thread 'All fixed by clean re install. Too many registry issues!' yip, may be the answer! But seen as this is how the problem started in the first place, I'm not too sure, anyhow is it too much effort? Could be for me at the moment, having to sort car insurance, credit cards, etc, etc!

  lotvic 00:39 10 Jun 2015

Whoa, start again. you're saying that some DVDs are recognised and play?

After a clean install, win 7, my DVD will only playback certain DVDs

Which type do not play? and which type do play?

Does the DVD drive show in Windows Explorer?

Does Device Manager show an ! Exclamation Mark problem?

The MS registry fix is for when the DVD drive is not recognised at all and does not show in Windows Explorer. That is a different problem than just not being able to play certain types of DVDs

about VLC, did that, just the same

no good just saying "just the same" when we don't know what "the same" is. Please say, in detail, what happens.

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