Dell Dimension 5150, will it take a new GC?

  Eamonn2007 23:06 26 Dec 2007

I got a Dimension 5150 two years ago with the original specs, and an ATI Radeon X600 graphics card.

3.0Ghz Intel processor
1GB Ram

Mainly for games. =]

However, now the new games like Crysis and things won't run on my PC because my graphics card is out of date. I am going to buy a Radeon 8800GT for around £200, but I need to know whether my PC can take that. Will I need more RAM? Will I need to update my motherboard/processor?

It's PCI-e compatible, but i'm not sure whether or not i'll get any juice out of a new graphics card if the rest of my PC is lagging behind.

Thanks in advance.

  Totally-braindead 23:58 26 Dec 2007

Read these threads click here I think you will find the PC has a PCI Express slot so the answer is yes it will but you have to consider the power implications. More powerful graphics cards all need their own addition power supply connector and it has to be stable.

If you go for a really powerful card it might not run as it might need too much power and you might find it can't run the full hog as it might be slowed down by the processor.

You have your cards mixed up by the way Radeon are ATI cards and the 8800GT is an Nvidia GeForce card.

Read the threads perhaps someone else has the same card and has found it runs ok.

If you did decide to replace the motherboard and processor you would also have to buy a new copy of windows as the Dell would fail validation so personally I would forget that option and I think if you really want a newer faster PC than you already have you'd be as well buying a new one.

I wouldn't add more RAM simply because you wouldn't be able to use it in your next PC so it would have to go with the Dell and its a bit of a waste.

My PC is a 3500 with 1 gig of RAM and a poor 7600GS graphics card and it ran the Crysis demo fine which you can download. I had to drop the settings admitadly but it still looked good.

  smokingbeagle 23:27 27 Dec 2007

Your Power Supply is rated at 305 Watts by Dell. They tend to be conservative in their ratings so it will possibly deliver 10% extra. Unfortunately the vendor websites seldom give power requirements for graphics cards.
You could upgrade the Power Supply but being Dell, the connectors and dimensions of the supply could be non-standard. Buying from Dell could be prohibitive.
Try researching to see if a standard ATX supply would suit.

  mazuk 02:37 29 Dec 2007

To run crysis smoothly you would need the following specs:

dual-core/quad-core (2.40ghz+)
2gb RAM
8800 or equilevant with 512mb

  Totally-braindead 13:31 29 Dec 2007

Disagree with mazuks comments, I ran the demo perfectly and I have a lot less power than that. I think what is quoted is perhaps the recommended. Crysis will run on a lot less than that with no lag BUT you would need to lower the settings. There is no way you can expect it to run full blast on a high resolution with all options set to their highest, its just unrealistic.
Now as to your PC specifically. 3ghz is lower than mine, now mine ran the demo fine but how close am I to the minimum? Very close and yours might struggle, it might be ok the only way to be sure is to try it. You would definatly need a graphics card and another gig of RAM might be a good idea for this game anyway.
I have to point something out, basically if the graphics card upgrade and maybe more memory doesn't help you really are talking about a new PC.
Personally I would be tempted to get a PCI Express graphics card and try it. If it ran then fine, I'd then download the demo and try it and see what happens. If it struggles then its new PC time if you are that desperate to play Crysis.
If you did get a decent enough card you could use it your next PC so it wouldn't be a huge waste but its really up to you, how much do you really want to play these newer games?
I do have concerns about the power supply though, Dell are weird regarding ratings I believe they use some sort of Mean (average) rating rather than the Peak everyone else uses but even so if it is 305 watts I can't help wondering at what point it fails. Up to 400 watts? Higher?
Sorry I can't help specifically but the only way you will get a definitive answer is if someone with the same PC replies and has upgraded successfully as theres too many questions to be answered.

  Totally-braindead 18:53 29 Dec 2007

Just had a thought. Try the Dell Forum the answer might be there.

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