Dell Dimension 5150 whining/screeching on startup


I have a 20 month old Dell 5150 Desktop which has developed an intermittant problem when on a cold startup it screeches with metallic sound then does not boot just stops at a DOS with a DOS type message on a black screen (I think the error message is OS not found but will need to check next time).

I thought it might be the HD & contacted Dell as its still under warranty.

The had me run their diagnostics which showed all to be well but it always has been when the machine is warm. The problem only occurs every few days from a cold start.

They now want me to open the case and remove & reseat all the components (I'm loath to tell them I've already checked all thoe obvious points).

They have even said that it might be the Canon printer causing the problem even though its not plugged in!!

Am I right in thinking it could be the HD & if so what next.


  lotvic 23:44 24 Aug 2007

Prepare for HD to crash

Make a backup - copy your data files to CD/DVD or Flash drive / external drive and make a note of any settings/passwords.
Ditto for your emails and address book and the internet connection settings

As pc is under warranty with Dell
Do exactly as they tell you (yeah I know it's a pain) you have to follow procedure or they won't be able to process your prob and repair pc

I found it best not to be 'clever' about what I'd already tried and to just do what they told me 'idiot fashion'

Result? Technician arrived at my home and sorted it pronto. (fitted a new motherboard)

I can do idiot surprisingly well.

I'm bracing myself for a long call from Dell & losts more fiddling.

Dont think i'll be going for warranties in the future - it would be much easier just to buy a new HD myself.

  dan* 09:40 25 Aug 2007

Next time it starts to whine/screech on startup. With the sides already off, roll up a newspaper and place it near some of the components, with the other end to your ear. You may be able to narrow down were the noise is coming from.

  setecio 11:00 25 Aug 2007

I'm surprised they want you to open the case and reseat all the components - to me that is a classic situation where they could turn around and say ' since you opened it up and fiddled about, you have invalidated the warranty' . It might be India on the line telling you this, but when the PC is returned to Dell in the UK for technicians to look at, they might just refuse ! I've always understood that opening up the case will invaildate the warranty, as it says on those silly stickers that seal it.

  setecio 11:02 25 Aug 2007

.... meant to add .... the obvious reason for this is that anyone not knowing what they are doing can easily blow things by touching the wrong areas and static does the damage.

  jack 11:08 25 Aug 2007

The sound you mention is very like a dry bearing ina processor/Case Fan.
As suggested locate source first- then lift the lable on the fan and apply a drip of 3in1.oil .
As regards invalitation warranty from Dell ai mail order frim with a long RTB wat of doing things - dont worry about it.
They will only know if you tell them ;-}

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