Dell Dimension 4400 still with problems in WinXP

  Giggle n' Bits 00:24 27 Jun 2003

ok, sorted out the Unmountable_Boot_Volume" Error thanks to Spikeychris but now found problems when in windows XP as follows but some spec first:-
128MB PC2100 DDR, Intel P4 1.7GHz (400MHz FSB), running WinXP Home.

The problems:-

1. Boot-up and Shut-down takes forever, each-way so slow I could go and make a coffee while waiting for it to shut down or start and settle into the desktop.

2. I have noticed only 1 comm port in device manager is this correct or normal ?

3. I have noticed the Secondary IDE has the jumper caps on the DVD Drive and the CD Wrt bot set as CSL erhh is this wrong ?

4. Can anyone tell me the correct settings for the Performance-Paging file settings, I tried uping them with bad results then put them on Windows to manage it. What is the XP default or better.

I list all 4 here as they may be linked to problems.

Any help please ?

  Despicable Desperado 02:13 28 Jun 2003

How old is the system?

  Giggle n' Bits 21:12 28 Jun 2003

audo card myself.

Thing is I don't know if it still a software or a Hardware problem.

the x2 optical drives on secondary channel both set to CSL seems wrong but surely they haven't made this mistake.

Anyone who can help appreciated.

  Gaz 25 21:20 28 Jun 2003

Well you could try changing the jumper on the main optical drive, does it make any difference?

If they work then all should be Ok.

I think you need Boot vis from microsofts website to speed up start up.

And to speed up shutdown:

Go to run > type: regedit > go to edit and then click find > type: waittokill then on the waittokillservicetimeout change the default value to 450.

Search again using find next and change 2000 to 450 again.

This will speed up shutdown, also make sure that windows is not dumping or clearing the pagesis file on shutdown which most things like Tweak XP do.

Your page file should vary on the size of memory installed.

I leave mine at 760 for both.

Hope this helps.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:24 28 Jun 2003

Whats the thing from Microsoft Boot Vis erhh ia that a abbreviation for something ?.

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