Dell Dimension 3000 yellow lights blinking

  Philbert 14:12 01 Sep 2007

I have a Dell Dimension 3000 with WindowsXP. Someone put it into STANDBY and now the computer will not come on again. Turn the PC and monitor off/on and the power lights on the PC and monitor turn green briefly, then turn yellow - no blinking - constant yellow. Nothing ever gets displayed on the monitor. If you put a CD in the drive, the light comes on and it whirrs like it is reading the disk. The fan is blowing air out the back. Does anyone out there have any ideas? Thank you.

  Philbert 14:14 01 Sep 2007

Duh. To clarify - in spite of my Title - the yellow lights do not blink. They are just ON. Sorry.

  Clapton is God 16:28 01 Sep 2007

You say you have "Turn the PC and monitor off/on".

Have you also switched off/on at the mains and then tried to power it up?

  Sparkly 18:04 01 Sep 2007

Hi Philbert not sure if your model has these on the rear of the pc but the diognostic lights on the rear if they are there may give you some indication. hth.
click here

  lotvic 00:06 02 Sep 2007

Dell™ Dimension™ 3000 Systems Service Manual click here

# If the power light is steady amber, a device might be malfunctioning or incorrectly installed.

* Remove and then reinstall the memory modules.

* Remove and then reinstall any cards.

* Remove and then reinstall the graphics card, if applicable.

  Philbert 17:29 02 Sep 2007

To Sparkly: No, no other diagnostic lights on the back.
To Clapton: The power strip which everything is plugged into has been turned off overnight.
To lotvic: Thank you for the link and information. I'll get on it.
Thanks to everybody for their responses.

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