Dell Dimension 2400

  osben 10:42 09 Aug 2005


My friend has got a Dell Dimension 2400 and he wants to upgrade his graphics card with an AGP card he has already got.

He says that there is no AGP slot on the motherboard only three PCI. Without seeing it I can't help him.

If anyone out there has a dimension 2400 can you tell me if he is right and what motherboard it is in the computer. I assume the graphics is onboard at present.


  Diodorus Siculus 10:51 09 Aug 2005 - Dell Dimension 2400
"It was no surprise that this Dimension did not pass muster in our high-end graphics tests. It's wishful thinking to expect a powerful graphics card in a $700 PC, and the integrated Intel Extreme (845GV) chip set borrows from the system's main memory, inhibiting graphics performance. In our 3D gaming tests, frame rates reached around 30 frames per second only at the lowest tested resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels and 16-bit color, and dipped to less than 5 fps at a resolution of 1600 by 1200 and 32-bit color. The result was bland-looking colors and jerky action during game play. And without an AGP slot, there's no practical graphics upgrade."
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  Dennis1 10:57 09 Aug 2005

I've got a Dimension 2400 and your friend is quite right it doesn't have any AGP slots.

  scotty 10:58 09 Aug 2005

Correct - no AGP slot. Only option for graphics upgrade is a PCI graphics card (Note that this is not the same as PCI express graphics card). Check out ebuyer for options from about £30.

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  osben 11:25 09 Aug 2005

Thanks Guys

I'll suggest he goes and gets a PCI card but is it worth it. Seems the spec of the computer leaves a lot to be desired.


  scotty 11:30 09 Aug 2005

Spec is ok for office applications, surfing, e-mail etc. Main advantage of a graphics card is that it will free up memory. The onboard graphics shares system memory. I am guessing the computer has 256MB. Onboard graphics is probably using 64 of this 256.

  Dennis1 11:35 09 Aug 2005

I fitted a Radeon card in my pc and its been fine it also freed up some extra ram [due to disabling the intel onboard graphics]. it all depends what your pal wants to use it for. obviously if he wants to use a lot of the top games that are out there he's better off investing in a better PC.

  Dennis1 11:42 09 Aug 2005

If it's like mine it only had 128 mb when it came, so you can imagine the problems I had with it especially with the onboard graphics taking about 50%, I've now upped it to 512 and it's made it loads better.

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