Dell desktop start up problem

  heepster 09:27 08 Sep 2011

I have a dell desktop which on startup I get a constant beep and lights 1 and 3 stay illuminated, and then shuts down.Any help would be much appreciated.

  gengiscant 09:45 08 Sep 2011

You will need to take a note of the beeps because they will mean something.They will be a mixture of short or long, to give you an idea:PC beeps Soon as you know what the beeps sound like post back,I wouldn't worry about the lights for now.

  heepster 10:05 08 Sep 2011

Thanks I get 6 short beeps and the 1 and 3 lights stay on.Dell dimension 5100 running xp sp3

  gengiscant 10:10 08 Sep 2011

Try another keyboard, or make sure it is plugged in correctly. These lights where are they and do they have any symbols next to them. But I suspect 1 is the power light another is hard-drive activity, no idea on the third.

I'll try and find the manual for your PC and get back to you if anything comes to mind.

  heepster 10:13 08 Sep 2011

The lights are numbered 1 and 3 no symbols.Tried a new keyboard and reseating memory modules and graphics card. Running out of ideas now.

  gengiscant 10:26 08 Sep 2011

OK found your manual and the lights you mention are diagnostic lights, and seemingly 1 and 3 are indicating memory problems so you have a couple of choices.

Boot with only 1 stick of RAM in, see what happens then try the other stick.

Test your RAM using Memtest this really needs to run as long as possible to give an accurate reading.

Or buy new RAM and hope that solves the problem but bear in mind it also maybe a motherboard problem.

  heepster 16:41 08 Sep 2011

Ok removed the suspect memory module and now no beeps or error lights. However now when I get to the windows start up it seems that it skips the part where the bar travels across to load up. Then nothing. The monitor shows nothing after that.

  gengiscant 17:35 08 Sep 2011

You are being very scant with your information. How did you figure out that a stick of RAM was faulty? Can you get into safe mode? Are you getting any beeps?

  heepster 20:27 08 Sep 2011

Removed ram one by one and one particular stick causes the beeps.Left it out. Now no beeps, but no display either.I am starting to think maybe the monitor could be at fault.will try my mates tomorrow and see what happens.Thanks so much for your patience.Much appreciated.

  heepster 09:45 09 Sep 2011

Ok Tried a friends monitor, and all is fine.So I guess the memory module and monitor failure happened at the same time. Thanks for your help...

  gengiscant 10:04 09 Sep 2011

Glad its sorted,its bad enough trying to figure out what the problem is when 1 component fails, but its really a pain when 2 do.

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