Dell D610 - can I create my own restore CD/DVD?

  Shortstop 18:51 27 Nov 2011

Hi, I have a Dell Latitude with some issues concerning restoring []. I may have a solution but am unsure if it will work. The Dell website lists a series of drivers that can be downloaded and burnt to disk or saved on the hard drive for the D610. The 'problem' is that the Windows XP details will be on on the 'wrong' disk [i.e. the current restore disk that is creating the problems] including the COA which automatically loads.

My question is: Is there a way of adding the auto-Windows install onto a new disk that I can then burn with the correct drivers? Is it as simple as copying files from the Dell CD into a folder then changing the contents of the drivers folder and burning an ISO disk. If so, which files do I need to copy over? I do have a copy of Windows as well for my desktop that could be used and the PC has a COA sticker with number, if this is another solution?

Many thanks,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:25 27 Nov 2011

Do you have the machine working correctly?

If so then make an image of the drive to a DVD / external drive using Easus or other imaging software.

  Shortstop 10:45 28 Nov 2011

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/. Hope you are well. Haven't been on here for months!

The PC does 'work' but the Video & audio are flaky and the buttons to increase & decrease volumes don't work. I have a driver issue on the PCI Simple Communications Controller according to the Device Manager. Only small issues I agree but I would like to sort this out. If I image the drive I will still have the issues and i was unable to image the drive when it was working due to an agreement that allowed me to keep this. I believe that the restore disk that has been given to me is for a different model and therefore not exactly compatible - but enough to make 90% of things work.

Going back to my original question, can I merge these - i.e. download the correct drivers from the Dell website and move the auto-install feature from the disk with the incorrect drivers so that an OS is installed? Sounds simplistic, but not sure of the technicalities. Nothing dodgy here - the windows COA is genuine anyhow.



  robin_x 11:06 28 Nov 2011

You can certainly do it with Windows discs and updates etc.

It's known as Slipstreaming. (Google it)

Don't know if you can do it with a Dell restore disc.

Do you have a Recovery Partition on yours?

Recovery D610


  robin_x 11:11 28 Nov 2011

With a clean install and correct drivers, you could then make your own set of DVDs (and a boot CD), by Backup Image. Easeus Todo is a good program for this.

If you have done all the windows updates. eg to SP3 and beyond, setup Windows settings and installed your Anti Virus, that is a good point to make an Image. Then install apps and your music, data etc.


  Shortstop 12:58 28 Nov 2011

Hi robinofloxley.

No recovery partition [laptop had a full format to the entire hard drive by IT at my employer before I got my hands on it]. I agree that, once the laptop is up and fully working, a back up make sense but I couldn't do this before as the laptop & software on it were not 'mine'. Now that I can do this, I have these driver issues .....

I will search for slipstreaming and see what can be done. If you agree, may I contact you direct as I have not done this before? I have a couple of questions that need not appear on the thread - nothing illegal :o)

many thanks for your help.

  robin_x 21:04 28 Nov 2011

Sorry I can't advise on Slipstreaming. Your Google is as good as mine.

My advice at this stage would be to download the drivers you need from Dell website and get the laptop fully working. Give it a good AntiVirus and Malwarebytes scan too.

If you haven't filled it with too much data and apps, then Imaging to DVD is feasible.

If you have since put loads of stuff on, Image to external HDD may be needed. See how much space you are using on C:\

I or anyone here will be happy to advise on that when you are ready.

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