Dell computers- why are they not mentioned

  Zebrapec 22:45 02 Dec 2007

What is wrong with Dell computers, they do not seem to get mentioned. Are they rubbish? you seem to get a lot for your money. Is the after service care rubbish?

  2neat 22:54 02 Dec 2007

Dell computers are not rubbish. I have had several computers from them. However, you do get to speak to nice people in India if anything goes wrong! LOL

  namtas 22:58 02 Dec 2007

"What is wrong with Dell computers", Nothing and there upon the reason why they are not advertised. As possibly one of, if not the largest manufacturer of PC in the World they do not need to advertise or provide machines for testing.

  octal 23:04 02 Dec 2007

If you have a look in the Consumer watch forum click here

they haven't really had that many complaints considering the size of them.

  Belatucadrus 23:42 02 Dec 2007

Also the magazines are largely dependant on the manufacturers providing machines for review and I don't think Dell bother much, particularly with home use machines, though they have been known to occasionally supply business type machines for more industry/trade style magazines.

  lotvic 01:20 03 Dec 2007

I have a Dell and am very happy with it.
Did have a couple of problems and Dell sent a techie to my house and he was suberb, polite and efficient.

I also learnt a lot (extra) from him about my pc.

He just swapped out the motherboard and checked everything else.

I like Dell pc's and their website and very clear manuals and user guides.

Only downside is 'extra bits' are pricey (Dell components) so it's cheaper to get them first off instead of adding them later.

  laurie53 07:55 03 Dec 2007

Speaking personally I have found Dell's customer support totally non-existent, and if someone gave me a top of the range Dell as a gift I would sell it.

I know there are many others with totally opposite experiences and opinions.

  xania 09:01 03 Dec 2007

Dell do have a good reputation, but the price of their replacement parts - ouch!!

  bretsky 10:49 03 Dec 2007

Still use my Dimension 4300 that I got in 2001 with XP installed on it, have had 2 re installations of the OS, one of with I did myself, do all my own maintenance,replaced numerous parts on it, used daily for surfing all over the place and is a real work horse, a bit slow now by today's standards but I'm more the satisfied with it.

You do see Dell advertised in this magazine and sometimes on the TV and I'm thinking of getting a laptop with a Linux OS installed.

bretsky ;0)

  interzone55 11:34 03 Dec 2007

Dell sell mainly to business customers, because they have a good reputation for rock solid reliability and decent, although not world beating, performance.

I have used Dell PCs at work for many years and I don't think I've had a single one fail.

If you use one you'll find that they are very quiet. The noisiest component on my current PC is the CD drive. I can't hear the CPU fan or hard drive.

As for support, it can be a problem unless you pay the extra for a gold or silver warranty, in which case you then get to ring the Irish tech support line, and this line is almost as hard to understand as the Indian one for non-premium support.

  ventanas 11:39 03 Dec 2007

Nothing wrong whatsoever with Dell, either their products or support. Everything works as it should.
I have 25 Dell PC's at the office including Servers, and three at home. Any support I have needed (which is rare) has been first class. ie a replacement keyboard for one of my laptops - reported one day and replacement delivered the next after a quick and easy diagnosis..

They tend not to supply machines for review so that's why they don't get much of a mention in mags.

laurie53 If you ever get one I will gladly take it off your hands.

What I do like is the ease in which the exact machine and spec that you want can be configured on their web site.

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