Dell Computer - back to factory settings

  setanta23 11:33 27 Mar 2006

I wiped a Dell computer and reinstalled all the software - the original operating systems was ME and i decided to reinstall that rather than upgrade.

Every thing went well and the computer worked wonderfully - I was oh so pleased.

I then passed it on to my daughter and connected it to the internet and carried out all the security and programme updates required for ME.

Bugger me the dammed thing now closes down everytime I switch it on. I do not get any warning messages at all just a black screen but the operational light is actually still on and the only way I can get the system to do anything is switch it off at the plug and then it reboots and closes down again.

Short of starting all over again and reinstalling everything I have no idea what to do. Can anyone help please .

  rmcqua 11:39 27 Mar 2006

It may be a loose internal connection and nothing to do with the software reinstall. Try gently wiggling and re-seating all IDE connectors and removing and re-seating the RAM modules. Worth a try before takling any more drastic action.

  setanta23 11:50 27 Mar 2006

I will try that later today when i go back up to my daughters house.

She is a jinx to me on computers as everything i do for her in the computer field seems to fall apart big time. lol

now all i need to do is find out what ide connectors or so i can wiggle and giggle them

  bjh 11:50 27 Mar 2006

... and if the above is correct (and it may well be), you should see the same symptoms if you boot from a DOS disk.

Is the machine on long enough to see how to get to BIOS??

Any beeps from the machine??

  bjh 11:56 27 Mar 2006

Just seen you post at same time as me.

Basically, all the bits inside need to be well-pushed together. Before doing this, it's worth earthing yourself to discharge static - touch a radiator. Don't handle the motherboard or cards by their wired surfaces, just the edges. Gently push each card down onto the motherboard to ensure a good contact. Those IDE connectors that rmcqua mentions are the cables that run from the motherboard to the hard drives and CD drives. Push them all gently back in.

It's a good route to go down. I note you "passed it on...", which probably means it was oved. Something could easily have become unwiggled.

If it works, whoopee. If not, there are lots and lots and lots of other things that can go wrong.......

  bjh 11:56 27 Mar 2006

for "oved" read "moved"!!

  setanta23 12:45 03 Apr 2006

Sorry for the delay in coming back - daughter getting married end of month and between fittings and hen and stag nights getting time on computer is difficult.

Took back off and made sure that everything is well seated - switched back on again and it booted - lasts about 20 mins before it shuts down. Strange thing is the power light on the computer is still on and i cannot reboot at all until i disconnect from power.

This computer was working perfectly of a bit slow 3 weeks ago.

I have checked the fan is working

  setanta23 12:46 03 Apr 2006

Oh sorry - there are no beeps - the system just dies on me

left with a power light on the front of the computer but nothing on the screen and the only way it can be restarted is to unplug and wait on the light going out

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