Dell C600 Laptop.....USB / PMCIA SLot

  bantam1982 12:37 13 Jun 2006

Hi All...

Hope some one can help me here....I have a C600 laptop which I have been using quite happily for ages....until my usb port started playing up....then it eventually broke...

...Anyway I decided that I would put a pmcia slot 2 usb ports instead of getting mine fixed...however it doesn't recognise my usb broadband modem ?

All it does is put out an 'unknown devise' on my devise manager and my modem doesn't work...

..I have taken it to a shop who all want £50 before even looking at it....which I am not prepared to spend !

  rmcqua 12:45 13 Jun 2006

Have you loaded any driver software you may have for the modem onto the PC?

  bantam1982 13:01 13 Jun 2006

Yeah tried all just won't recognise the pmcia card as a usb port......I am at my whits end with it as I can't get on the internet via broadband, I have taken it to a pc shop and they have said - its a dell ! and that they wouldn't touch it as they would have to charge me and they wouldn't guarentee they could fix it !!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:26 13 Jun 2006

1st what operating system are you using?

2nd if win 98 / ME then you will need drivers for the PCMCIA card to be recognised.

  bantam1982 16:28 13 Jun 2006

I have it on XP - I have just installed SP2 too to see if that helps....

..By all accounts dell are notoriously bad for this !...........great !

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