Dell Batteries help please!

  TheTerminator 23:20 26 Apr 2003

this isnt lazy, as the dell forum I post questions too isnt letting me post!
Therefore I ask you:
Do you know if batteries from the 7500 are compatible with 8200 laptops? Can I buy one and put it into the 8200 with no problem?

and i do realise that this is a cheeky question.

  Seadog 00:13 27 Apr 2003

Your best bet is to phone the Dell sales line and ask them.
My battery for my 8100 failed after 14 months!!! I asked for a new one (over £100) and they sent one but it was different to the original - needed a bios upgrade which came with the battery.
One thing NOT to do is risk buying second hand, a mate of mine bought one from a supposed "shop" advertising on eBay and this battery lasted four months........and no guarantee!

  Belatucadrus 00:23 27 Apr 2003

Have you got the part number for the battery from the 8200 ?

  beeuuem 00:42 27 Apr 2003

According to this site the batteries have different voltages and are different sizes.

From click here?

Dell Inspiron 7500 battery
5.4 (17% longer lasting then original.)
Rectangular battery with 7 slit-type contacts (and one blank contact) and fuel guage on end. Sliding latch on other end.
5.60 x 4.60 x 0.87

Dell Inspiron 8200 battery from click here

4.4 (39% longer lasting then original.)
Dark grey
Hard plastic casing with fuel gauge and 7 slit-type contacts on one end.
5.45 x 3.25 x 0.82

  UKI_CUSTOMER_CARE_AT_DELL 15:37 30 Apr 2003

The Dell Inspiron 7500 has a completely different case from the 8200 so the battery from one will not physically into the battery bay of the other. There would also be electrical differences between them.

  Belatucadrus 15:45 30 Apr 2003

Nice to see a response from Dell, but three days after the issue has been resolved ? As my old school reports used to say "can do better"

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