Dell All-In-One A920 Printer Errors on printing

  TonyK1942 19:28 16 Jul 2009

My Dell All-In-One printer is almost 6 years old and has suddenly started making a 'clanking and banging' noise when switched on. When printing starts the text is about 2 inches to the right of where I expect it to be despite showing in the correct position on a preview. After printing a few lines it stops printing with an error message asking to check that the printer cartridges are loaded correctly and that there aren't any obstructions in the carriageway.
The printer cartridges at rest now sit to the left of their usual position. I've changed the black cartridge as it was almost empty but not the coloured as it has hardly been used. The small amount of paper that is printed also has small smudges of black along part of its edges.
Has anyone a clue what may have caused the problem?
Many thanks, Tonyk1942

  bluto1 21:49 16 Jul 2009

A 'clanking and banging noise' and printwork all over the place spells out something terminal to me.
You've got to consider the cost of repair against the cost of replacement. As it's 6 years old replacement would be my first consideration, but before I did anything rash I'd uninstall it completely, then reinstall it, providing of course you've got the installation DVD/CD, and follow each instruction carefully.
I hope my last suggestion works.

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