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  carper 10:18 25 Oct 2007

Every time I visit this web site I get a full screen advert for Dell computers when I close down ,as it seems to be lurking in the background. Is there any way to get rid of this. I am running XP Home SP2 and have a range of pop up blockers and the usual AVG,Spybot,Spyware blaster,etc. but nothing seems to move it. Any Ideas ??? Thanks Carper

  spuds 10:44 25 Oct 2007

What browser are you using, and how do you close the page?.

  [email protected] 10:48 25 Oct 2007

If using IE7
use IE7pro
click here
Firefox normal pop up blocker should work if not try adblock plus and a filterset
click here
I sometimes use IE in tab firefox this is the only time i see it but its normally only once per session?
hopefully someone may have an answer for IE tab

  carper 11:40 26 Oct 2007

Hi spuds. I use Firefox and the advert appears when I close the page with the red cross at the top.
I have downloaded the Firefox addd-on from Raven and will see what happens. I;m not sure whether the instruction will work as I can't see a banner advert to click on.
Thanks for your replies, Carper

  bretsky 17:41 26 Oct 2007

You need to install this ad-on for F/F at click here
and in that way YOU get to choose what scripts run on your web pages, simple to use and fully customizable.

bretsky ;0)

  carper 14:14 27 Oct 2007

Thanks for your replies. I have now downloaded the two links you provided and it appears that it has worked although I don't know which one. I suppose I should have tried them individually

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