Dell 9200

  Blacki 07:26 28 Apr 2007


I recently purchased the above. It comes with 2 160 gb harddrives.
My query is that in the My Computer folder it sees them as one ie 320gb. C drive.
Why is this and not 2 harddrives ie C: drive and D drive.
I have heard that they might be set up on RAID????. I have a small understanding of this.
But how do i know what raid it is set up on. Mirror or striping.
And can i turn this off.

  Andsome 08:06 28 Apr 2007

Why not contact the manufacturer?

  Blacki 08:26 28 Apr 2007

I could but it could take a while to get a response. And i always get a good response from the forums here.
If everyone asked the manufacturer, then there wouldn't be a need for forums like this. LOL

  jack 08:47 28 Apr 2007

I beleive this is a fail safe system called RAID
Two drives one mirroring the other. so all is not lost if a drive goes down.
It is possible to 'undo this' to give two drives.
I am sure that someone will now come on to tell you how.

  anskyber 09:15 28 Apr 2007

Dell have used RAID for a while. Recently they have only supplied machines off the shelf in RAID 0 which is set for fast speed. It looks as if your machine is in RAID 0.

RAID 1 is the mirror failsafe set up which you do not have. You should have an electronic copy of the manual either on your desktop or in the all programs section. It explains RAID and how to change from one type to another.

  anskyber 09:18 28 Apr 2007

PS RAID 0 is in effect one drive and its called stripping because half the data is written to one drive and half to the other which gives the faster speed. (good for gamers)

The "problem" with RAID 0 is if one HDD fails you are stuck because the other HDD only contains half the data and retieval is hopeless.

  Blacki 09:38 28 Apr 2007

Thanks. I'll look for the manual and read up a bit more on it

  MichelleC 09:41 28 Apr 2007

The Dell forums are quite helpful too.

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