Dell 540 Vista won't boot

  second best 14:14 18 Mar 2009

Hi, i have a reasonably new Desktop. Was ok last night, but today, it loads green windows bar, but then nothihng but black screen and mouse cursor. been on phone to dell and got usual cmos reset, restore point, repair windows, now it look like i'm facing factory defaults. losing some work.

Any ideas.

oh, it's thesame if i try safemode too, or 640 vga mode

  second best 15:53 18 Mar 2009

i found another forum with loads of ppl having the same probs.

click here

this goes on for 4 pages. There are suggestions, but none that work for me.

I've since decided to reformat and install the pre-installled software again from my backup partition, though others have tried and the problem remains.

Anyone have any solid answers, i'd love to hear them.


  second best 15:56 18 Mar 2009

update. i've tried to reformat and re-install from backup partition, now it just comes up with ERRRRR box

What now, it seems kaput

  second best 17:13 18 Mar 2009

Well, i've had no replies yet, but i haven't given it much time. Called Dell again and they took me thru their diagnostic tests, and decided the hdd was kaput due to possible windows update. Western Digital drive.

Didn't thnk a software update could render so much damage, but there you go.

Hope to have a new hdd delivered my friday.

if anyone has had similar would be good to hear it.

  crosstrainer 17:25 18 Mar 2009

The only way a windows update could trash a hard drive is MAYBE if you shut down the computer during the update process. This is difficult, as the screen tells you not to.

Hard drives do fail however, and it does sound as if yours has had it.

  skeletal 17:49 18 Mar 2009

This was/is similar to the problem I got when I first tried to make Vista work nearly two years ago (crikey TWO years, unbelievable!).

I have an old thread about the subject. I never found a solution in spite of spending over a hundred hours trying everything. I have long since abandoned Vista (I dual boot with XP). Not that that helps you second best!

Given Windows 7 uses the same kernel, I am worried that when my current machine needs to be replaced, that I will ever get a machine that will work!


  second best 09:45 19 Mar 2009

Thanks for the replies fellas.

after calling Dell again, and doing the tests, they asked me to remove and they would send another new drive on friday, exchanging my current drive. it is literally less than a month old.

After ending the call, i was sitting there and thought, i'll try it back in and use the packaged operating system disk instead.

anyway, it's working, but a clean install, not the Dell studio and everything else.

Curious as to why they never suggested this. Though it could be because it's a Stidio System. Though the test did show errors on the disk.

I remember while doing a little research before i bought the machine, Dell customers having issues with failing hard drives. Not sure if it holds any water, but the earlier post to the forum is evidence enough there is a common enough problem.


  second best 09:47 19 Mar 2009

sorry, dell asked me to remove the HDD.

  second best 09:48 19 Mar 2009

so sorry, must start checking my spelling. Dell Studio 540.

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