Dell 5150C - won't start - Radeon X600 BIOS

  Chillie 10:24 02 Nov 2008

Good morning to all

I have a problem starting the machine this morning. Closed down normally last night. Now on switch-on, I get the following report: "Radeon X600 SE P/N 113-A26044-107 BIOS". System hangs and will not go into Windows. Have confirmed all cable connections are okay.

Dell XPS/Dimension 5150C
Windows XP SP3 (fully updated)
Zone Alarm Internet Suite (fully updated)
Webroot Spysweeper (fully updated)

Any advice would be appreciated.


  howard64 14:27 02 Nov 2008

if you have an xp cd you could start from that and do a repair install. Just let the installing xp prog run do not go for the repair console but wait until given the option to repair press R.

  iarno 15:45 02 Nov 2008

Try removing the RAM and then re-inserting. Its a very easy case to get into.


  Chillie 17:58 02 Nov 2008

for your suggestions.

Haven't got an XP Pro disk, but have got a new Acronis image created yesterday before the problem - would this work?

Will try the RAM idea tomorrow.

  iarno 00:18 04 Nov 2008



  howard64 08:53 04 Nov 2008

acronis should work

  Chillie 10:21 04 Nov 2008

Again many thanks to you both.

Iarno's advice did the trick - removed and replaced the memory sticks. All is now well.

howard64 - tried to restore via the Acronis original disc but system would not start, presumably because of the memory failure check. But I must check BIOS to ensure that 'booting from CD' is the first at startup.

Thanks once again and I will tick as resolved.


  Chillie 10:22 04 Nov 2008

Forgot the tick!!

  iarno 12:03 04 Nov 2008

Thanks for getting back. The result may help others.


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