Dell 510m - restore to factory settings

  Clapton is God 12:41 21 Dec 2007

Have any members ever used the 'restore to factory settings' option on a Dell 510m laptop?

If so, was it a fairly painless exercise or not?

Was it a successful restore?

It's something I'm planning to do over the hols on the Dell which my daughter uses for Uni and was looking for some tips.

  skidzy 12:46 21 Dec 2007

I think you will find most Dell's are pretty similar.

Either use the F11 method on startup or your recovery/restore disc.

It is painless.

Make sure you have your AV and Firewall saved to disc/Flash drive before going online and install.
Then once all security is in place,visit Microsoft updates and update to the latest security updates.

  Sparkly 12:49 21 Dec 2007

Hi Clapton is God have not done it on a Dell before but i have resored to factory settings on a HP and its painless and simple enough just make sure that you backup any data you might need and you have the nessacerry installation discs for any software you have installed and might need again, hth.
Also take note to what skidzy has posted.

  skidzy 12:51 21 Dec 2007

Just to add,you may need to press
CTRL + F11 at the bios screen on startup.

Timing is paramount or you will just boot into windows and have to restart the computer and try again.

It is simple and nothing to worry about,just follow the prompts once into the recovery/restore partition.

  Clapton is God 12:55 21 Dec 2007

Thanks for your reply.

Obviously I'll be backing up all my personal files, etc to an external medium and I appreciate that I'll lose all the programs and MS updates, etc which I've subsequently installed.

But will the restore literally take me back to the day it came out of the factory including re-installing all the software/programs and other 'crap' I didn't want and un-installed on the day I bought the lappie??

  skidzy 13:13 21 Dec 2007

Yep sure will....bugger aint it CIG Lol :-))

Though for peace of mind,do this;

1) Restore to factory settings as above.

2) Remove any unwanted preinstalled software.

3) Install the AV and Firewall (from disc/flash drive/ex-hd) and any software that is required.

4) Setup your internet connection

5) Treat yourself to Acronis True Image 10 or 11

6) Then create an image/backup of the computer and save to the external drive.

7) If something does go wrong,you can use the image/backup to restore the computer instead of going back to factory settings.

  skidzy 13:18 21 Dec 2007

Right im off..(pub calling me) Lol

Best of luck Clapton is God,will pop in later to how you get along.

  Clapton is God 13:36 21 Dec 2007

Thanks all for your input.

Daughter (and lappie) are not home from Uni until Sunday so I won't be undertaking my little adventure until after Xmas (don't want to fiddle with things too much whilst under the affluence of incohol!). ;-))

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