Dell 3 year warranty ?

  Ikelos 18:31 13 Jul 2006

Hi. anyone taken out the 3 year thingy with Dell, I wondered what it covered, they want £119 for the 3 years...they say that they will come out to repair this case a laptop.


  ArrGee 19:40 13 Jul 2006

Purely my opinion....Dell have always been a bit lame when it comes to maintenance. Bought an office load from them less than a year ago. Nothing but problems so I (practically) skipped the lot.

  Ikelos 20:24 13 Jul 2006

thanks for that...I will give it some more thought.........

  silverous 21:26 13 Jul 2006

I've bought dell exclusively for our office, and probably 7 or 8 family and colleagues have bought them on recommendation.

2 PCs had repeated problems, Dell had an engineer on-site next day with parts and sorted.

My parents didn't take the warranty then Dell emailed them a week or so later and offered 3 years on-site for about 50 quid!

It is basically insurance. I never buy extended warranties at home and figure that with the money saved across say 6 or 7 items I can afford to pay for the one that goes wrong. Usually things go wrong in first year with electronic items (or first weeks even!)

Having said that if you don't take it and they email and offer you for 50odd quid as they did for my father, then that is a goood deal!

It is also about comfort levels. If my PC breaks, I can pretty much be sure I'll be able to fix it - if yours breaks, how confident are you? How important is it for it to be working -do you use it for business? All factors...

  Jackcoms 21:29 13 Jul 2006

To a certain extent the Dell 3-year "thingy" as you call, it depends on your needs.

I bought a thingy (or 3-year on-site warranty to give it the correct name) for this PC when it was new about 4 years ago and never had a need for it at all. Ho, hum. But that, to my mind, speaks volumes for the build quality of a Dell PC.

On the other hand, when I bought a Dell laptop last year for my elder daughter to take to University, I also bought a 3-year thingy.

Just a few weeks after her arrival at Uni, a heavy photo frame fell from a shelf in her room straight onto the laptop keyboard, rendering it (the keyboard) useless.

A quick call to Dell with an 'accidental damage' claim and their engineer turned up at Uni the next day to fit a brand new keyboard.

In this instance the 3-year thingy was money well spent!

  silverous 21:36 13 Jul 2006

Any equipment anywhere near students needs to be covered for accidental offence to students. My sister spilled coffee over hers (acer in this case) and got it sorted. Laptops are also harder to fix in a cost effective way than desktops.

It is classic with insurance that after not using it people think "that wasn't worth it, I didn't need it after all" but that is the nature of risks and insurance. Unfortunately you can't say to your car insurer after a year "I didn't have any claims, can I have my money back ?" :)

  Ikelos 22:27 13 Jul 2006

thanks for all the advice, perhaps they might drop the price, they rang today, about the XPS M1710 i got about 2 weeks ago, as i said they want £119. for the 3 years, but i just thought, they must mean an extra 2 years making 3 in total, with the one year you get when you buy it, gawd, hope that makes sense..

  silverous 08:59 14 Jul 2006

Ah, sorry didn't realise you'd aready got it. Is that cheaper than it was if you'd taken it at order? If so then doubt they'll go lower. For laptop doesn't seem to bad.. Particularly if it includes accidental damage and if u are going to be lugging it around.

  Ikelos 09:28 14 Jul 2006

hi, to be honest I am not sure what it covers, for the amount it will be moved it might as well be a desktop PC :-)

just had a look on the dell site, and i read it as, when placed with the order it would have been £180,

  silverous 10:09 14 Jul 2006

Look at it as a cost vs risk thing. If it was 1500 quid and laptops are expensive to fix and you move it a lot (and it includes accidental damage), then its worth it maybe.

If it was 500 quid (to buy), it doesn't move much, then maybe save your money and use towards a replacement if anything goes wrong!

  Ikelos 10:29 14 Jul 2006

Hi again, my XPS was 1350, thinking now it might be worth it, they said they would ring back in two days. decision time.

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