Dell 3 Year Consumer Hardware Support Package

  haricot 14:44 04 Sep 2007

As I need a fairly quick response to this I am doing it in this panel as well.

I am about to buy a new computer from Dell.

Is it worth taking on the Dell 3 Year Consumer Hardware Support Package and having to face hours of stressful Indian Call Centres OR its it best just to have the 1 Year Base Warranty and fend for myself after that ?


  Clapton is God 14:51 04 Sep 2007

If the package includes accidental damage, take it.

If not, stick to one year.

And there no need to duplicate your posts.

  haricot 15:01 04 Sep 2007

Hi ClaptonisGod

Thanks for that . Dell charge extra for Accidental Damage as a separate Cover Plan.

  Clapton is God 15:05 04 Sep 2007

So you've now got another dilemma. ;-)

  haricot 15:12 04 Sep 2007

Nope ! I'll stick to the 1 year. Cheers

  birdface 15:52 04 Sep 2007

You buy a new computer and you automatically have a 1 year warranty with it.So no need to take a 1 year support package.Now ask yourself ,How much did you pay for the computer.And sometimes the support package is as dear as the computer.Myself I do not think it worth the while paying for something that you may never need.

  wrg 17:16 04 Sep 2007


I purchased a Dell and took out the 3 year on site warranty, not worth the paper it is written on. I have had to call them a few times and got absolutley nowhere with them. Problems I had were fixed thanks to the kind/accurate advice from contributors on this site.

  Clapton is God 17:26 04 Sep 2007

"Problems I had were fixed thanks to the kind/accurate advice from contributors on this site".

So presumably they were software problems rather than hardware problems?

PC warranties usually only cover hardware and not (third party) software.

  haricot 17:45 04 Sep 2007

Thanks wrg but good point claptonetc.
What we could do with now is a bit of input from someone who has actually had experience of having a hardware problem and having had it dealt with by the Dell support set up.

  Clapton is God 18:15 04 Sep 2007

When my elder daughter started University a couple of years ago, I bought her a new Dell laptop.

I took the precaution of purchasing their extended accidental damage warranty (think student + laptop = bad mix).

A few weeks after starting at Uni a heavy metal photo frame fell from a shelf onto the laptop keyboard, rendering said keyboard useless.

A quick phone call to Dell's helpline and 24 hours later one of their engineers was at my daughter's Hall of Residence to fit a brand new keyboard. Problem solved.

Some months later, a hole 'mysteriously' appeared in the centre of the laptop screen.

Same story - (phone call, 24 hours, engineer, new screen, etc, etc).

  wrg 11:25 06 Sep 2007

Clapton is God

One of the major problems I had was with the sound. They did their tests (had to pay for the software checks with them) said there was not a problem, in the end I had to buy and fit a new soundcard. Also had a problem with their monitor, one day it just went all skewy. Once again had to purchase a new one. Not saying they were unhelpful but the warranty I had was on site. When I requested that got pushed from pillar to post that in the end I gave up.

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