Dell 1390 drops when transferring larger files

  coolteach 19:13 31 Mar 2008

When transferring large amounts of data (in one or many files - no difference) from my work Dell Latitude D520 wirelessly to my home desktop via a Belkin F5D7632v1000, the wireless connection drops and transfer stops. Typically happens somewhere between 30 and 100Mb. When drops and displays connection cannot be restored, clicking OK re-finds the network again. I had this problem once on an old HP laptop and it was something to do with needing older drivers for the wireless card. I am running the most up-to-date drivers for the card.

The errors are:
"Cannot copy filename>: The specified network name is no longer available."

When click OK...

"An error occurred while reconnecting N:\\ to \\homepc\...

Microsoft Windows Network: THe local device name is already in use. This connection has not been restored"

I'm convinced it's an advanced setting issue on the Dell adapter.

The connection then resets.

Now, I have had this before, when I had an identical laptop from work and had to set antenna diversity to main in the advanced settings for the card and I disabled IBSS 54g protection mode. However, this doesn't seem to do the trick this time. Unfortunately I haven't access to the old (working) laptop it to check the other settings in advanced properties for the wireless adapter. Does anyone have a failsafe set of advanced settings for the adapter?

  coolteach 22:42 31 Mar 2008

It also drops out downloading large files (again anywhere from 30Mb upwards). The actual point of drop is ramdom. Sometimes it will run to 200Mb, sometimes only as far as 30Mb for the same file or files.

  recap 19:11 01 Apr 2008

Make sure your wireless security settings are
correctly configured, in particular, make sure 802.1x authentication is not enabled. I'd also suggest turning off any sort of power saving modes on the
wireless adapter. This option can be found in the advanced properties of your wireless interface in the Network Connections folder. Sometimes there are incompatibilities between the wireless adapter and the access point when power saving modes are enabled.

  coolteach 21:24 01 Apr 2008

Thanks for the response. Power saving modes are disabled. Can't find any option for 802.1x authentication though. Will look again for it (using XP Pro SP2 by the way). Am trying different drivers to see if this fixes it.

  coolteach 22:46 01 Apr 2008

Hmm. May have fixed it, basically the way I did with older HP laptop.

I used driverguide to find older drivers that work the wireless adapter - the one I'm using is from May 2005! This transferred the files using the default advanced settings. I also checked and deleted (after backing up) every reg entry to previous attempts at installing drivers as these weren't removed properly.

Now I know I have a working solution I am going to experiment with newer drivers incrementally to solve the problem once and for all!

  coolteach 22:50 01 Apr 2008

As an additional note, there are less advanced settings for the older driver e.g. 810 h & d settings. Perhaps this has something to do with incompatibility with older router?

  coolteach 20:48 02 Apr 2008

Newer drivers caused problems again so am sticking with the May 2005 version! Guess newer ones are too advanced for the older router. Now just got to resolve a delay of 1 min 34 seconds before the wireless actually kicks in after the desktop etc appears but that's a job for another day/post!

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