gizzyx 14:28 31 Oct 2005

i've just fitted a new mobo (ASRock K7S41GX) in my pc. now, when i boot it up a message appears just after the welcome screen saying "windows cannot find 'c:\windows\system32\tools\DelFolders.exe'please make sure you typed it correctly....blah blah blah. i've found references to this file in the registry and deleted the entries (after backing it up, of course).if i restart my m/c it starts ok. however when i shut it down and reboot, the message comes back and the entries reappear in the registry. also an exe calld reboot has appeared in my startup folder. could these be linked? any ideas anyone? got to go offline now but will check for replies and respond later.

  bretsky 15:03 31 Oct 2005

Of this click here read the last reply
maybe it will work for you.

bretsky ;0)

  gizzyx 17:16 31 Oct 2005

this solution refers to nvidia drivers. this mobo has sis drivers. any other ideas, anyone?

  Splork 17:51 31 Oct 2005

Some sort of unfinished installation - DelFolders is used by some installers to remove folders (crazy eh).
Any problem devices ? Looked in the Device Manager in safe mode and selected View/Show Hidden Devices?

  gizzyx 15:24 01 Nov 2005

checked in there, Splork. no problems in there. any more ideas, anyone?

  gudgulf 15:54 01 Nov 2005

You say you've just replaced the motherboard......Is this a completely different type of motherboard from the old one?

If so have you reinstalled Windows? or done a repair reinstallation?

Your problem might be associated with the drivers from the old motherboard still being on the system if you didn't.

  Splork 16:03 01 Nov 2005

Take a look at everything that starts with Windows - click here

  gizzyx 17:13 01 Nov 2005

the mobo is from a different manufacturer but is still a socket a mobo and still using sis chipset although i dont know if it is the SAME chipset i know xp sometimes has a problem with new mobos if the ide drivers from the old mobo are still there, so before i changed the mobo i reverted back to standard windows ide drivers. however i have neither reinbstalled or tried to repai windows. SPLORK. got to go to work now but will look into this idea tomorrow. thanks chaps.

  gizzyx 15:35 03 Nov 2005

thanks, mate. found an entry in registry for an .exe called "execute".removed this and all is now ok. handy little prog that is. thanx again mate.

  Splork 15:44 03 Nov 2005

No prob, glad it's sorted.

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