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  kimosabi 11:43 10 Nov 2005

H Guys
I have been trying to delete windows xp so that I can reinstall it again from the restore disk that came with the computer( my nephews computer)I get access denied.So can I reformat the c drive so that I have a clean drive if so can you explain how. I have to go down the hospital now I will read any feed back later

  Gongoozler 11:56 10 Nov 2005

You may be able to download hard drive tools from the drive manufacturer that will enable a format outside Windows. For Maxtor drives this tool is Maxblast. click here

  PaulB2005 12:17 10 Nov 2005

You can't delete Windows whilst it is still running.

The easiest way is to boot from the CD and format the disk from there. click here

  kimosabi 12:58 10 Nov 2005

thanks guys I will try PaulB2005 option first.YES I was trying to delete from the windows dos prompt instead of booting to dos prompt I will report on results thanks again

  kimosabi 11:12 12 Nov 2005

ok guys this is the situation booted up from restore cd.It procceeded to instal windows without any response from me everything works ok.But on bootup we have the option to choose one of 4 windows xp eg: windows,windows.0,windows.1,windows.2 windows.3 I found out that he has done this befor.So I tried to delete the other three I booted up in windows safe mode dos prompt changed to c: drive and typed del windows.0 message are you sure y/n pressed yes a few things came up but access denied.Should I have changed the dir to windows.0 deleted all the files in that dir first then removed the dir or are am I still in windows so that I can,t delete this is just a question because I want to try this before I reformat
or remove the partition and do a complete restore of winxp
regards kimo I hope you can understand what I am trying to do and explained correctly

  keewaa 11:25 12 Nov 2005

Emm .. you need to be careful otherwise you might make it impossible to do anything. What make and model is the PC and how old?

If it is a restore disc and can find a "destructive recovery" option this will resotre the computer back to when it left the factory, backup any files etc before hand or you will lose them all.

If it in a reinstall disc then you should be able to go past the stage you got to listing the 4 versions of xp to a delete partition section ... just delete the main C partition, recreate it, format it and reinstall windows.

But be careful ... there are various different restore methods used by different manufacturers and you really need to find the correct method.

  kimosabi 12:36 12 Nov 2005

thanks Keewaa I will go and see him(nephew) tomorrow and check I will take all your warnings on board thanks for the response regards kimo

  kimosabi 14:53 02 Dec 2005

Ok Guys reinstalled winxp he did not want me to reformat so he has 4 winows options now on start up 3 don't work only the last one I installed but he is happy with that so its up to him thanks once again for your responses kind regards kimo

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