Deleting web pages from the www

  Scoundrel 21:49 14 Dec 2004

This is my current website: click here but before that it was click here

Using FrontPage 2002 how do I make so that the old, redundant page no longer appears on the internet?

Thanks in advance - Sc

  Forum Editor 00:15 15 Dec 2004

use FTP to delete the original page from the server, os alow FrontPage to overwrite the pages that are currently there when you publish the new versions.

  Scoundrel 06:50 15 Dec 2004

because of the way this forum displays URLs, it is harder to explain what I have done. I didn't like the fact tho old page's URL ended with home.htm so I opened it with FP2002 and then did a save as with the URL ending of eahorc.htm. I then did a publish and since then both pages have been out there.

As time as worn on the older page has become out of gate and I want to remove it lest people stumble upon it (via google etc)and end up in a dead end.

I guess I can do this with FP2002, but I don't want to try without some guidance in case I delete everything I have made. Of all the progs I use, FP is the one that always scares me the most!!

  Scoundrel 19:08 15 Dec 2004

Thanks. Done that.

I can delete the old page easily enough from my folders, But how do I remove it from the internet?

Judging by the billions of dead sites out there on the www, this is something that a lot of people do not know how to do or cannot be bothered with!

  Scoundrel 17:09 16 Dec 2004

My default page IS click here, the home.htm is something I chose myself (I know, very lame!)

So eahorc.htm and home.htm are both pages that I created and chose a name for, and - following your advice - they are now both the same, I just want to make it so that home.htm is removed from everywhere.

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