Deleting unopened e-mails

  [email protected] 16:07 23 Jan 2003
  [email protected] 16:07 23 Jan 2003

MS Outlook. I have just received a dodgey looking mail which I considered unsolicited and wanted to delete it without opening it, but as soon as I highlighted it to delete - it opened! Is it possible to do and if so could someone tell me how.Thanks.

  €dstow 16:09 23 Jan 2003

Try a right click. The delete option should be there.


  Mitsio 16:15 23 Jan 2003

If you are refering to the preview pane at the bottom of OE that opens a highlighted mail this can be turned off by going to... view/layout/and take the tick out of the "show preview pane" box. Ok this and you will now have to double click to open a mail and will be able to delete without opening.

  [email protected] 16:16 23 Jan 2003

Thanks €dstow. Will next time. Cheers.

  wee eddie 19:48 23 Jan 2003

I believe there is a virus out there that launches from the preview pane, with the name of some pop totty

  polymath 21:11 23 Jan 2003

Sounds like you'd also enjoy using MailWasher, like I do. It's a shareware prog. that lets you see mail at your ISP's server before downloading, and view some details of it. You can then not only delete whatever you want at the server, but also bounce it, so your email address looks dead to the sender. Remaining emails are then downloaded as usual. (I suppose if enough people do it, it'll also clutter up spammers' mailboxes!)

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