Deleting a restore point (Win XP)

  y_not 16:06 10 Feb 2004

I recently installed WinXP on my son's PC and didn't install AV for about three weeks.

I have now installed AVG and it found 10 virii. Two were healed and 8 sent to the quarantine bin (I have since deleted them).

When the system boots up now it says that its found a virus in the restore file - does anyone have any suggestions, please?

I know I should have installed the AV earlier but he's a 10 year old and downloads car pictures ... looking at the sites he visits (I do keep a check) I don't know where the virii came from.

Maybe a lesson for others?

  Jester2K 16:10 10 Feb 2004
  Mike ® 16:12 10 Feb 2004

You will have to delete all restore points and start again. Right click on "MY Computer" and goto System Restore tab, turn it off and then on again. Then re-scan with Avg.

  Mike ® 16:13 10 Feb 2004

Should read goto properties then as above.

  y_not 16:14 10 Feb 2004

Many thanks - off to sort it now.

Will post as resolved after I finish with it.

Thanks again


  fstime 16:33 10 Feb 2004

They are in fact quarantined in that particular restore point folder. Simply leave them where that are and don't use that restore point

  ventanas 16:39 10 Feb 2004

Nope, you must turn off System Restore to remove the restore points and rescan, or you will be reinfected.

  y_not 19:49 10 Feb 2004

Many thanks to all.

As advised I switched off system restore, which deleted the restore points, re-booted and switched back on.

I switched system restore back on and created a new restore point.

Now everythings working fine.

Many thanks again and - for the future - I will install AV as soon as I have installed the OS (not wait three weeks again!)

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