Deleting print jobs in XP

  trevpearson 11:26 15 Jul 2005

When I attempt to cancel a print job in XP, it can take anything up to an hour for the job to be deleted.

I've rebooted anumber of times but still the printer icon appears and shows that the selected print job is "deleting".

Any idea's on how to speed up the deletion of cancelled print runs?

  Graham ® 11:55 15 Jul 2005

Could be an error in the printer software. Can you re-install?

  trevpearson 13:51 15 Jul 2005

I've re-installed the drivers. The printer works fine, it's just when I make a boo-boo and have to cancel the print job. XP takes ages to delete the print queue.

  Graham ® 16:14 15 Jul 2005

Could be something to do with spooling. The print job is saved to the hard drive, so it's a case of deleting it from there.

Can you narrow the problem down to a particular program?

click here for a guide to printing.

  trevpearson 21:57 15 Jul 2005

Thanks for the suggestions folks, have already tried them, no joy. To come clean (slightly) I'm a printer engineer. My PC has 221 printer drivers in the Printer folder at the moment. (yes I do service a lot of different printers).

But this problem is causing me major grief.

I know the answer (maybe) would be to have perhaps, 2 or 3 drivers only, but to download and install a driver then delete it afterwards is a bigger grief maker. Some of these drivers are 60mb+ downloads.

Oh, I didn't have these problems in Win98, only XP

Back to you, the guru's.

  Ancient Learner 22:06 15 Jul 2005

221 printer drivers. Flipping Heck! I can have enough problems with just one. When I get your effect, I get mad and reboot, and that never fails! Mind you, that was much worse when I had a HP printer, my Epson does not seem to have the same stubborn streak.

Probably no help whatsoever!

  Graham ® 08:24 16 Jul 2005

Might be worth trying this Driver program to see if it will enable you to delete all, or most, of the drivers, then re-install one as needed
click here

There may be more suitable programs that will allow you to save all the drivers to a CD. There was a facility on, but you have to pay to join now.

  Terry Brown 12:53 16 Jul 2005

If you open the printer box,(load in a test print)go to properties and change the priorities to a number above 0, this wil enable the computer to respond to your printer interupt faster, as value 0 means when everything else is done and I cannot find anything else to do then look at other things.Hope this helps

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