Deleting Page 2 in word

  Dekka123 10:20 24 Mar 2009

Hi All, I have got Office 2007 and I have a 2 page document with nothing on page 2. Could someone please tell me how I can get rid of the empty page 2. Thanks in anticipation.

  Stuartli 10:22 24 Mar 2009

Place the cursor in the second page and keep pressing on Backspace.

  ^wave^ 10:48 24 Mar 2009

or put cursor at end of last word on page one and hit delete

  Dekka123 10:56 24 Mar 2009

Stuartli thanks for the speedy reply. I have done as you suggested but the empty page remains. Anything else I can try

  Dekka123 11:06 24 Mar 2009

^wave^ thanks for the try but that dont work either.

  iscanut 11:12 24 Mar 2009

I always use the method that Stuartli has always worked for me. If you are at a loose end and nothing works, just make sure that if and when you print, just make sure only page 1 is selected.

  Zaphod 3 11:14 24 Mar 2009

You have to delete the page when it is in print view not reading view. When using the above methods. If you were in print view I apologise.

  Dekka123 11:35 24 Mar 2009

Zaphod 3 do you mean in print preview . I have tried that and its no joy. Thanks for trying.

  Dekka123 11:46 24 Mar 2009

Thank you all for your help I have sussed it out. I had to delete the page break.. Thanks again to all who replied

  skeletal 11:33 25 Mar 2009

An incredibly useful feature in Word, but one which many people don’t realise is there, is the “Pilcrow” button (it look like ¶). In Office 2003 it is on the standard toolbar located next to the “Zoom” combo box. Hover your mouse over it and it says “Show/hide ¶”.

Pressing it will reveal all the hidden characters on a page, and if you are a typical user, you will be amazed at the number of carriage return symbols (they are the ones that look like ¶) all over the place. When you have extra pages, you will instantly see all these carriage returns on the “blank page” and can quickly delete them. But you will also see “page break” and all the rest, again giving you clues why Word is screwing up your formatting, or adding so called “blank” pages.

I hope the ¶ will reproduce in my post; it is a hard symbol to describe!


  Stuartli 11:36 25 Mar 2009

The reason, normally, that a new page appears is because Enter has been used (perhaps inadvertently) near/at the end of the page in use.

That's why using Backspacing normally deletes the unwanted page.

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