deleting original name from laptop. vista

  Andy.F. 16:38 14 May 2009

hello good folks. my friend has bought her sisters relatively new laptop from her. her name is Jen while her sister is elaine. now in control panel she has her name as as administrator. you know where it shows the wee picture with her name, well, hers is the only picture and name there etc but when she goes to send a picture via email for instance it still says her sisters name elaine in the file directory. I have looked in bios and cant find reference to the name elaine at all..I have tried the regedit and windows NT and changed details on registered owner or organisation.
I realise it's not a catastrophy but she finds it very annoying...any help in ridding the system of the original name elaine please. many many thanx in advance and not too complicated please. Andy

  birdface 18:18 14 May 2009

Did you click on user accounts.Click on the user Icon and it should say change the name.maybe you have done that and it still never changed.
You can change the computer name by right clicking my name.

  birdface 18:23 14 May 2009

Sorry i just noticed that you have changed her name in user accounts.Not sure what the next step would be unless you open a new account with jen's name on it as an administrator.Then remove the Elaines user account.But you would loose most of the programs that Elaine had and you would need to start afresh.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:44 14 May 2009
  Andy.F. 18:59 14 May 2009

yes Jen already has her name as administrator and when you go to control panel user accounts hers is the only name and picture. I cant remember where i clicked in user accounts and it brought up the name elaine in a wee box.the computer is down at her house and mine isnt the same. anyway, I cant delete the elaine name. any more ideas folks and thanx once again buteman

  ambra4 19:40 14 May 2009

How to completely remove a previous owner name from a computer

If you want to complete remove the other person name, follow these steps:

Create a new account using the name that you want the computer files to be

Save any important files that you want to keep from the old account

Log onto the new account.

Open Control Panel and then "User Accounts"

Delete the account with the other person name on it.

That will automatically get rid of all their cookies, documents and settings and remove their name

from the PC.

Just to make sure, go to "Start button", "Run", and type in regedt32.

When that opens, press Alt + E + F and then type in the person name to do a search in the registry.

Delete any entry of their name that still exists.

To be doubly sure; right-click on "My Computer" and choose "Properties".

Click on the "System Restore" tab.

Click on "Turn off System Restore on all drives" so there is now a check inside the checkbox and

then click on "Apply".

This will remove all of the System Restore settings that may still contain their name.

Click on the box again to remove the check and click on "Apply" to re-start System Restore.

Now, if you click on "Start button" and choose Search, you should be able to do a search and not

find their name anywhere.

  Andy.F. 21:51 14 May 2009

Sorry about the delay in responding to your advice. I'm just back home so wont be able to try what you say untill tomorrow night..reading through it I reckon you got it in a oner so I'll put this problem down as resolved. once again many thanx to yourself and buteman for your help. Andy

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