Deleting an operating system (part two)

  CurlyWhirly 19:52 31 Aug 2004

I am wondering how a friend can delete an operating system so that he can use the drive for backups?
I originally posted a thread on 27/6/2004 which is at click here
but because I didn't word the question properly I was really none the wiser!

The way I worded the question was extremely long-winded.
However I am going to try again carefully checking my wording and hopefully someone from this brilliant Forum will be able to offer me some help!
My friend has a 40Gb drive pre-installed (as that is how it was when he bought his PC system)with Windows ME which is the default (C:) drive.
He has recently bought Windows XP Home which he has installed on his new drive which is 120 Gb and is now (D:)

He originally wanted a dual-boot system but now after having experienced XP he no longer wants ME so he wants to format ME and use the 40Gb so that he can clone his operating system using either Drive Image 7 or Norton Ghost.
I am thinking that all he needs to do is set XP (D:) to MASTER and ME (C:) to SLAVE and then go to the Boot.ini file and delete the line that refers to ME?

He has tried booting up XP (D:) and just trying to format ME (C:) but XP will not let him do this and I think this is because ALL Windows operating systems expect (C:) to be the bootable drive?
I apologise if this (again) sounds a bit long winded but he is scared of knackering up his PC if he gets it wrong!

At the moment he has not bought either Drive Image 7 or Norton Ghost as he feels it is a waste of time if he can't free up his 40Gb drive!
Any advice would be most welcome!

  Graham ® 20:27 31 Aug 2004

Disconnect the 40GB drive, set the 120GB as master and format it. Reinstal XP. Reconnect the 40GB as slave and format it.

  mosfet 20:28 31 Aug 2004

If he put in the 40g,on its own as master he could then do as he wants with no risk.Using fdisk or other prog.then sort boot.ini out later.

  CurlyWhirly 20:40 31 Aug 2004

What he really wants to do is AVOID having to reformat XP as he has had it up and running for around 3 months and he has programs and applications that he DOESN'T want to lose.
He doesn't have a DVD writer only a CD writer so backing up the operating system would be a chore.

Where would he get 'Fdisk' from and is it easy to use as he knows even LESS about computers than me and that's saying something!
I think 'Fdisk' is a DOS based program and IF it is it is bound to be harder to use than Windows?

  Graham ® 21:47 31 Aug 2004

Fdisc guide click here

  CurlyWhirly 21:50 31 Aug 2004

Thanks - I will send it to him to ponder over!

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