Deleting old Java files.

  mooly 11:35 04 Dec 2008

I was going to add this to
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but it's been ticked as resolved.

If I look in c:\program files\java there is a list of 4 or 5 "old" versions. Is it safe to delete all these and just leave the two Java folders that show the date of the last install/update which was 2 days ago. Some are quite large, around 70/80 mb.

  birdface 11:45 04 Dec 2008

Hi.I removed all of mine yesterday including the folders.I tried the Java removal tool but it still left a few so deleted them when I tried search.So at the moment no Java on my computer ,Just wondering if there was anything else you could use that did the same job.

  mooly 11:53 04 Dec 2008

This is going to be backup time isn't it ? I didn't know there was a specific removal tool. If you have removed Java completely can you not just install the latest version ?

  rawprawn 11:56 04 Dec 2008

Just remove all previous versions in Add / Remove programs. There is no need to backup unless you want belt and braces, then install the new version.

  rawprawn 11:58 04 Dec 2008

If you already have V 11, just uninstall all the earlier versions.

  mooly 12:16 04 Dec 2008

Will give it a go. The same listings are in add/remove as are shown in C:\Programs etc.
Done the incremental --- just in case.

  Sea Urchin 12:39 04 Dec 2008

.....just to say that you can still add to a thread even when it has been marked resolved

  rosyred 12:49 04 Dec 2008


  mooly 14:02 04 Dec 2008

Thanks Sea Urchin, wanted to make sure it got noticed.
Right then, confusion reigns. Well to me anyway !
In order then. Deleted old versions OK. Or so I thought ! Checked on Sun Java site to verify my present version ( which was correct -- I did this after I installed the update ) and it says OOOPS wrong version installed. Erm. Check in add/remove and sure enough two entries there. One is Java SE runtime environment 6 update 1 dated 17/4/07 ( When I installed Vista ) and an old update from 2007. Right then, had I been careless and zapped the wrong one. Downloaded the recommended version all OK and verified. Look in add/remove and sure enough it says Version 6 update 11 ( todays ) and the original runtime se one. Fine.
Look in C:\programs and find I now have two folders called Program files. One spelt with a capitol P and one not. Both seem to contain identical program file info. Restart then. The same two folders show. Switch off for 10minutes and reboot. The one with a small P has now gone. What was that all about then ? Is a restart not the same as a reboot ?
I have confused myself now. All seems OK. Ran CCleaner and that showed around 15 errors in the registry all relating to "a file left over when deleting a program" Fixed that.
Another question CCleaner -- I unticked Cookies in the belief my password data would be left intact. Not so. What should I have unticked ?
It's not easy you know all this ( pulls face ) to many ins and outs.
Thanks guys

  brundle 17:19 04 Dec 2008

Run JavaRa. click here
Most people don't need Java anyway...

  mooly 17:23 04 Dec 2008

Thanks, I'll remember that next time.

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