Deleting index.dat files

  Alan Ryan 10:23 23 Sep 2004

I installed a cleaner utility last week and I've been clearing out lots of fragments, junk files
and software leftovers. I could obliterate the
"secret" hidden log files that are protected by
index.dat - before I do this are there any snags
or pratfalls I should take into account ?
I know that Windows will create a new set of
index.dat if I do away with the present lot and
I know that it won't make much difference to the
available memory or generally speed things up.

  Valvegrid 12:39 23 Sep 2004

you can delete them with no problem, as you say they will be recreated next time you use IE.

  SANTOS7 12:55 23 Sep 2004

click here
this may help

  Alan Ryan 12:58 23 Sep 2004

OK. Thanks. I'll get the cleaner utility going this afternoon.

  Alan Ryan 13:00 23 Sep 2004

Thanks - a useful link which I'll study before
taking any action.

  Harry 13:15 23 Sep 2004

Any freeware programme available for this task??

  Filch 14:45 23 Sep 2004

Spider is free and will do it. click here

  Harry 16:49 24 Sep 2004

I believe Spider doesnt support win xp.

I believe this supports xp.

Crap Cleaner click here

  Valvegrid 17:57 24 Sep 2004

Also Delete Doctor supports Win95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP

  Valvegrid 17:58 24 Sep 2004

Silly billy me forgot the link:

click here

  powerless 20:22 24 Sep 2004

boot to safe mode.

Start, Run, Type:

cmd /k del index.dat /s

Click OK.

Best to enter the command now as you have to be quick in safe mode otherwise it will not work. You won't delete index.dat when you run the command in normal windows but the command will reamin in RUN for use in safe mode.

As soon as you get the system restore prompt in safe mode hit Windows Key +R and hit enter.

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