Deleting history

  polonius 16:00 11 Apr 2005

AOL 9.0 has the facility to delete the record of websites visited, but is it possible to delete an individual site rather than the whole lot, whereby one also loses auto-complete of addresses?
If AOL 9.0 doesn't have the facility is there software (pref free!) that will do this?

  TomJerry 16:10 11 Apr 2005

do not know about AOL, but should be similar

From IE, just click History Icon (the one with pen next to email/envelop), you see all history, just delete the ones you do not like.

as for auto-complete, from IE or Control panel, select Internet Options, then click "conten", you will find autocomplete, click it then you can delete all entries

  polonius 15:51 12 Apr 2005

TomJerry, Thanks for the advice, but I'm not using IE, and as far as I can see, on AOL 9.0, it's delete all or none! Still hoping for the answer.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:00 12 Apr 2005

Can you visit history? If so, try right clicking on a particular one and see if the option to delete is there.

  recap 16:10 12 Apr 2005

If Diodorus Siculus suggestion doesn't work, highlight the URL and press the delete key on your keyboard.

  polonius 15:24 14 Apr 2005

Thanks for suggestions made so far, BUT: on AOL 9.0 history list, rightclicking has no effect and leftclicking the site name connects one to that site immediately; it's not possible to delete it! I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that it's all or nothing - all sites go and autocomplete with them. Next step is to ask AOL I suppose, but this problem isn't covered in their FAQ or other prepared topics.

  Diemmess 16:11 14 Apr 2005

Control Panel Internet Options will allow you to delete the History and control the number of days history that is stored.

Website addresses are much more difficult, but if you don't mind losing addresses visited- (You shouldn't lose your address book which is safe elsewhere) - to clear just those visited......

Search for a folder called organize, Open it and you will see (with other files) your screen name with various subscripts. Pick the one with the subscript .ARL

Open this file with Notepad and if you can see all the sites visited, close it and delete it! A fairly heavyweight way to do it..... but it does work.

If you want to be adventurous, you can delete all the files which follow your screen name with a subscript (.abi .aby and .BAG)

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