Deleting duplicate music on ITUNES for free

  herc182 22:28 12 Mar 2009


Is there a way of easily deleting duplicated songs on Itunes? I have gone to file>show duplicates but that show the duplicates and the original. IF I select all and delete then I lose the original (or at least A version of the song I want).
Can anyone recommend how to delete the duplicates easily and free? Or at least a recommended program that will do it for a price?

Seems stupid that Itunes do not have this facility...I think I have double the music I need (i.e. something like 60GB instead of 30!)

Thanks in advance

  alB 23:00 12 Mar 2009

I've used this one in the past, but beware it deletes the files straight away and not send then to the recycle bin, try it out on a couple of tracks first to see what you think ...alB

click here

  herc182 23:02 12 Mar 2009

thanks! Will definitely look into that one

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