deleting a dual boot

  briandy 15:39 10 Jun 2004

I am dual booting XP with 2000pro but I want to boot just into XP. I assume that 2000pro is under WINNT on my D drive. Can I just delete it or is there a safer and more correct method.

  BurrWalnut 15:57 10 Jun 2004

I've never tried it (been tempted though) but I would have thought that if XP is on C, you could edit Boot.ini to remove Win2000. Boot up and delete/format the D drive. It certainly will not work if XP is on D as boot.ini resides on the C drive.

Anyway, it's given you something to think about until someone else comes along.

Good luck.

  Newuser1970 00:28 11 Jun 2004

You need to alter the "boot.ini" file which is in the C:\ drive. Make sure you back it up before making any changes. Below is a copy of my boot.ini file on which I have a dual boot of Win 98 and Win XP pro.
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(2)\WINDOWS="MicrosoftWindowsXPProfessional" /fastdetect
C:\="Microsoft Windows 98"

When I removed Win XP I had to alter the above to

[boot loader]
default=C:[operating systems]
C:\="Microsoft Windows 98"

It then removed the choice and booted straight to Win 98.

Hope this is of some use

Good luck.

  temp003 02:57 11 Jun 2004

Removing the dual boot should be quite simple, but your dual boot is slightly unconventional (with XP on C and an older OS w2k pro on D), so I'd like to double check your configuration with you.

Did you use any third party software or boot utility to create the dual boot, or did you just use Windows' own dual boot function?

Click Start, Run, type c:\boot.ini and press Enter. This opens the file c:\boot.ini in Notepad.

Copy and paste the contents of the boot.ini file here on this thread,and we can tell you what to do.

  keith-236785 07:50 11 Jun 2004

should be as simple as this

if winXP is on drive D: and 2000 is on drive C:


ok. presuming that win2000 is on drive D:

1. Format D:, (in my computer, right click drive D: and choose format).

2. use a windows98 startup floppy , insert the floppy, reboot (you will need the bios to boot to floppy first), when you get the menu, press SHIFT + F5 to get a command prompt.


fdisk /mbr + PRESS ENTER to remove the boot option. (don't forget the space between fdisk & /)

when it has finished, thats it, remove the floppy and reboot your system (set your bios back to how it was)

good luck,

ps. if you dont have a win98 startup disk, click here and download a win 98SE disk.

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