Deleting AVG

  chasbea28 18:48 02 Feb 2007

I have downloaded McFee and have tried to get rid of AVG.

AVG remains on my Computer and no way can I get rid of it.
Any help out there.
Best regards

  surfmonkey #:@}© 18:56 02 Feb 2007

goto grisoft get new version of avg run it it will give you the option to completely un install avg
why dont you like avg ? run if long time now with no problems i find it better than norton/mcafee

  chasbea28 19:04 02 Feb 2007

I have done what you have advised. Did not work.
I was having trouble with AVG and tried to uninstall AVG and use my AVG disc, I could not.
I was told that" c:\Progress Files\ AVG Free" Failed. General Failure.

I was also told " Could not initialise AVG Anti Virus Kernal interface.
Application cannot run.

Thanks for you reply
Regards Chasbea

  surfmonkey #:@}© 19:37 02 Feb 2007

reinstall avg on the repair option
the uninstall it

  Kate B 19:39 02 Feb 2007

it's possible you've got AVG running - it defaults to starting with Windows. Hit control-alt-delete and see if it's running and if so, kill it there and then try and uninstall it. Or if that doesn't work, try uninstalling it in safe mode. But you're mad: AVG is a much neater AV package than the bloated McAfee and it's free.

  Totally-braindead 20:28 02 Feb 2007

I've never had any bother removing AVG, the only thing I can think of is what Kate B said you're trying to remove it when its still running.

  p;3 22:13 02 Feb 2007

what problem were/are you having with the avg program as such? as normally it should just run with no problems

  chasbea28 08:40 03 Feb 2007

Tried what Kate B advised.
No AVG shown.
Will try safe mode later.
Thanks for all your help.
Best regards

  birdface 09:06 03 Feb 2007

Hi,If AVG is still in your quick launch,Just right click it,Press quit AVG control centre,That should stop it running,When deleting AVG it normally gives you a warning that it is still running and you have to turn it off,If there is a corrupt file on it,You may have to reinstall it, Then make sure that it is switched off before trying to delete it.If everything else fails,If you have C Cleaner on your computer, Try deleting it from there.

  p;3 10:41 03 Feb 2007

what problems were you having with avg? normally there are none and it is free, so curious to know why you wish to remove it

  chasbea28 11:21 03 Feb 2007

I had AVG Prof. On my computer along with AVG Free.
I decided to uninstall Free, thats when the problems started.
Glad to say I searched for AVG, deleted big MB, then used my AVG disc to uninstall AVG and it worked at last. I had tried to do this a number of times.
Will go back to AVG when I give McFee a trial.
Thanks for all your help, it was what I expected from Pc Advisor.
Best Regards

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