deleting automatic updates before installation

  kiz 13:11 12 Aug 2007

Could someone tell me where I can find the window office update files which were downloaded automatically during a microsft update but cannot be installed because the computer is asking for the program disc and I have lost the disc. I do not want to install the update anyway but do not know where it is stored. The message comes up every time I boot my computer.

  birdface 13:21 12 Aug 2007

Run your up-dates manually,When the Office up-dates appear,Just untick them and and tick do not show again,Do that with them all,And those up-dates should not show again.

  kiz 13:30 12 Aug 2007

Thanks for your help. I am actually enquiring for a friend and so havent got access to the computer. So could you also tell me how I 'run the updates manually' and then I can pass on the instructions to her.

  birdface 13:40 12 Aug 2007

It is usually ,Start, All Programs, Scroll up to Microsoft Up-Date,And just press that,Microsoft up-dates should then run,Pick out the office up-dates but do not run them,Just untick and underneath each one there should be another square which says do not show again[something like that]Just tick it,and do the same with the others,And they should not appear again.I would wait in case someone comes up with a better solution ,but thats the way i do it.

  Stuartli 13:49 12 Aug 2007

The other way is to go to Security Center>Windows Updates and tick Notify Me Of New Updates But Do Not Install Them.

When updates are available, the yellow icon will appear in the Notification bar. Click on it and select Customise.

You can choose which critical updates etc you wish to install (an explanation for each is provided) and leave those that are unwanted unchecked.

When you click OK a panel will appear asking if you wish to be notified again of these unwanted updates. Choose No.

  kiz 13:55 12 Aug 2007

To both of you
I may be misunderstanding the process of automatic updates but both your ways seem to be ways of picking up updates BEFORE they are downloaded which is great for the future but I am assuming that she is getting theis message because the update has already been downloaded and is waiting to be installed. Am I wrong in this assumption?

  kiz 13:56 12 Aug 2007

Could it be stored in the temps folder?

  birdface 14:00 12 Aug 2007

Slight difference,Just tried it on my computer.When you run Microsoft Up-dates,When finished running it should have up-dates on left hand side,Click on office up-dates,They will be transferred to the right hand side,And beside them there is a little + or- sign just click on the sign and it will open up and below there is a little box that says do not show this up-date again.Tick it,Do the same with the others, and they should not show again. Now you have a problem, Microsoft has further up-dates for Office on Tuesday, So you may have to do the same again.

  birdface 14:12 12 Aug 2007

As you said they were not downloaded,I think Stuartli's way of doing it would be a lot easier than mine.I think it is just telling you that you have up-dates to install,Sorry but I have no idea if they get sent to a folder or not,As I have not had that problem before,Try removing them, and see if the messages stop, Like I said ,more there are more coming on Tuesday.

  kiz 15:22 12 Aug 2007

Thanks, both of you for your help and I will pass on all your recomendations to her. It is hard doing these things remotely but I am sure she will sort something out. I tick it as resolved.

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