Deleteing cookies in IE8 .... learnt something new

  mooly 18:51 27 Oct 2009

Have been on a mission since reinstalling Vista a few weeks back NOT to use anything tweaky, so no CC etc :)
Anyway I have been aware that many cookies (such as for this site for example) do not get deleted for some reason when using tools> internet options> delete history> etc
When I used to use CC that deleted the lot unless you specified otherwise.

So back to IE8 and I found some do delete and some don't... something to do with how regularly a site is visited I think, so a bit of research turned this up,
click here

which seemed to work and give a clean start.

  mooly 19:12 27 Oct 2009

It's also corrected something which is a bit bizzarre to me.
Have Google as a tab to open with IE8. For the last few weeks the first line of text on Google UK page, the line that says "web images videos" etc has been both "faint" as if written with an incredibly fine pen and also doesnt appear UNTIL you move the cursor over the page at which point it "fades" in slowly.
From deleting the cookies it's all back as it used to be ! Can't explain that one at all.

  nangadef 19:18 27 Oct 2009

mooly that seems to be a lot of work when you can just run CC ;-)

  GaT7 20:05 27 Oct 2009

I just right-click the IE icon, choose Properties, press the Delete button on the General tab under Browsing history & Delete again. G

  mooly 20:12 27 Oct 2009

Now I know where to look, and what to look for I will try what you suggest next time.
Do you find it deletes ALL the cookies doing that.

Learning all the time :)

  mooly 20:15 27 Oct 2009

mooly that seems to be a lot of work when you can just run CC ;-)

Maybe, but I'm seeing if I can keep Vista as good as new using just Windows tools, no tweaky stuff and definitely no registry cleaners this time around.
2.5 months in and it's looking good :)

  woodchip 20:16 27 Oct 2009

Try typing Cookies into your windows Search

  rdave13 00:41 28 Oct 2009

I use IE8's 'cleaning' facilities to auto clean temp files etc. Have a look again in tools- internet options- here I have 'delete browsing history on exit' ticked. Now click on the delete tab and check if the box for 'Preserve Favourites websites data' is ticked. I believe these are the cookies that are not deleted. At the very top of the window and easily missed.

  mooly 07:30 28 Oct 2009

Thanks, had another look and tried what you suggest... I don't have it to delete on exit... anyway unticked the top box (preserve cookies and fav files etc) and that seems to have deleted the lot :)

What I was finding, and what got me thinking it would be good to clear everything out once in a while was that even with the said box ticked a few sites did have their cookies deleted so I always had to re enter login details. Sites that are in "Favorites" too.
So I had it in mind that with the box "ticked" that would (should) delete all... my error :)


  mooly 07:31 28 Oct 2009

There is a cookies folder as you say but "access denied"

  BurrWalnut 09:05 28 Oct 2009

You’re probably looking at the ‘old’ Cookies folder junction.

Click the Windows Orb (Start), type Shell:cookies and press Enter. The Cookies will be shown together with the new Low folder.

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